Hickory Ridge Organics

Hickory Ridge Organics Soap Shop St Augustine

Update: Hickory Ridge Organics has rebranded as Hella Good Organic Skin Care. Same quality & same location! I've made soap.  Sure, the bar was soft... but the process was messy, took all morning and it didn't smell all that great.  Then the bar crumbled.  I learned my lesson- I leave this craft to the experts. And St. Augustine boasts the experts!! Hickory Ridge Organics makes amazing soaps, shower butters, scrubs (etc) in so many fresh scents it's hard to choose just one- from Dark Chocolate (personal fave!) to Papaya to more traditional Lavender or Jasmine & … [Read more...]

The Present Moment Cafe

Raw Soup Present Moment Cafe Raw Restaurant St Augustine

Soup is an expected item on a restaurant's menu.  Butternut Squash Soup with a Jalapeno-Cilantro drizzle spices things up a bit, but still may not impress a foodie.  But when I tell you I ate it at Present Moment Cafe, a restaurant where everything is raw, and that it was delicious... I'll probably have your attention. If you think a raw restaurant serves only salads, think again.  Present Moment Cafe creates a tapestry of flavors and textures that will surprise you and lure you back again and again. The sampler platter is the way to go... it's too hard to narrow the … [Read more...]

Rainy Day Getaway!

Burger King CR 210 St Augustine

Some days it's rainy or smokey or just too hot to be outside.  On one of those days, we discovered the Burger King play area off CR 210. It may seem ridiculous to post about a fast food restaurant on a travel blog... but there are days that littles just need to move.  And if you need some indoor space to do that, the new, clean BK may fit the bill. During the smoke-laden wildfire days of Spring 2011 , we grabbed breakfast sandwiches and enjoyed the tunnels and slides for a couple of hours. GPS Address: 141 Gateway Cir, St Johns, FL 32259   Chik fil A … [Read more...]

Vilano Beach

Vilano Beach St Augustine

One of the few beaches in St. John's County that permits driving on the beach, Vilano is an easy-to-find beach destination.  It's just 2 miles north of historic St. Augustine and an easy place to park & picnic or for those of you who bring your whole house to the beach!  Beach Driving access March 1 - the end of September. The beach is also accessible by a boardwalk from the parking lot over the dunes.  My favorite feature of this beach is found along the boardwalk- there are several signs picturing some animals you may see during your trip.  We prefer the … [Read more...]