La Cocina International Restaurant

La Cocina International Restaurant St Augustine Beach

Hubby and I slipped out for an evening together. It wasn't an anniversary dinner or any other special occasion; we just needed a few kid-free hours to talk... or not talk. You know how some weeks are so busy that even sitting quietly sounds like a blissful evening? Yeah, it was one of those. We dressed up a bit & made the trek over the Bridge to La Cocina International Restaurant in St. Augustine Beach. When our server, Jorge, brought over a bread basket with toasted and cheese topped bread with fresh marinara, I mentally raised the bar. This was going to be … [Read more...]

Obi’s Fillin’ Station at St. Augustine Beach

Obis St Augustine Beach Restaurant

The vintage garage theme is clear from the moment your tires roll over the "service bell" line in the parking lot alerting the kitchen to your arrival. Obi's Fillin' Station is a tribute to America's automobile era down to the smallest details- and dreaming it all up was half the fun for Eddie Obi Jr & Angelo Hernandez, the local owners with as much of a passion for burgers as they have for cars. Obi's is divided into two rooms- the waiting area, with an open kitchen and a tempting dessert case, and the dining room. The counter dividing the two boasts an old car … [Read more...]

Macaroni and Cheese Taste-off

st augustine macaroni and cheese taste off

A friend and I were kicking around ideas for dinner plans. Both of our husbands were away and we figured a night off from kitchen duty was in order. We decided to go to St. Augustine and track down the best Macaroni and Cheese... with our combined 10 children... who range from 7 months to twenty-something. That's normal, right? I dubbed our quest BO Mac-n-doto or, the inaugural event of the Brown Olsen Mac-n-Doodle Taste-Off. Because life is short and eating dinner should be fun. Want to join us? Read on... #whybenormal #bestmomever To formalize this BO Mac-n-doto … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to LOVE The Original Cafe Eleven Brunch

Cafe Eleven St Augustine Beach

Cafe Eleven generously offered a $25 gift card giveaway with this post. Amy won the random drawing. Subscribe for future giveaways! If you're looking for a weekend brunch, I've found where it's at!! Cafe Eleven stays busy all weekend long with their amazing brunch buffet. It's a St. Augustine Beach gem! Here are 5 reasons to love The Original Cafe Eleven's Brunch: 1. It's so chill. I love dressing up and enjoying fine dining... but Saturday mornings are for relaxing. Cafe Eleven serves a great brunch without the fuss. Go in your beach duds, go in your yoga pants, go in … [Read more...]

RECIPE: St. Augustine’s Best White Sangria

White Sangria Recipe

The quest for the perfect sangria has been a long and arduous hunt. I've sacrificed for you, dear readers, to find the best in town. I've sipped bad red wine with some fruit tossed in disguised as sangria and I've labored over which of the tasty ones was the bestest-best just for you. And now my search is over. I am quite confident I have found the best white sangria in town. It's at the Colonial Quarter's Taberna del Caballo. {You thought I was just going to tease you until later in the post, didn't you? Nope- straight to the good stuff!} They let me peek into their … [Read more...]

RECIPE: Healthy Juice Pops for Hot Florida Days!

Summer Popsicle Recipe

Time with cousins is the best! We road tripped down to Lake Wales for a summer visit with lots of great people: my kids great-grandma, their great-aunt & great-uncle, Aunt Jadi and some grrrrreat cousins! Lake Wales is nestled in central Florida- and boy is it hot! It's often 5-10 degrees warmer there than at our St. Augustine address! We cooled off one day at Legoland's water park but the rest of the time we hung out with family and tried to keep cool. The heat is good for citrus- Polk county is the top citrus producing county in the entire state! But it's bad for … [Read more...]

Bonez Smokehouse

5 reasons to love Bonez Smokehouse

** Update: Some things are too good to be true... Bonez Smokehouse is now closed. :( ** Like all good Southerners, we like BBQ. We've tried our fair share and it's pretty close to impossible to choose one favorite. Smokin' D's is the cutest BBQ joint around, Mojo's is downtown which means great walks around town after dinner and they have great brisket. THE most important thing in a BBQ restaurant to me is... well, I'll get to that. But Bonez aces it and that's why Bonez Smokehouse is my current fave BBQ in St. Augustine!! Here are 5 reasons for YOU to fall in love with … [Read more...]

Dine through History: St. Augustine’s History in Food


This post is in response to Shelley, a facebook fan who needed some help enjoying St. Aug after hours during her work trip! If you have a question, feel free to ask me or post it on facebook or twitter! Some people come to St. Augustine and never step foot in the fort, climb aboard a trolley or stroll through the Colonial Quarter. They love us for our beaches, our walkability and our local foodie scene. We're flattered. Really. But you have to explore our history! I mean, we're the oldest continually occupied city in the US! {Oops. I got a little excited. Stepping off … [Read more...]