How To Make an I Spy Game for Road Trips!

I love road trips. I guess that's obvious, seeing as how I have a whole website dedicated to traveling to St. Augustine and enjoying simple road trips with kids. I love adventuring in new spaces, creating memories as a family and the challenge of making the road trip as much fun as the destination. Which leads me to today's blog: an easy step-by-step tutorial showing how to make an I Spy Game for Road Trips!! The Simply St. Augustine blog contains affiliate links and sponsored posts like this one. I made my I-Spy bottle in a Noble juice bottle on purpose! When I … [Read more...]

#SimplyFit: Easy 5 Step Hotel Gym Workout

It's no secret- I love to eat! My favorite way to explore a city is by tasting the unique dishes of the area. So even when I'm away from home, I try to work out. If you're in the same boat as me, try this easy 5 step hotel gym workout while you're out... then help yourself to an extra croissant! Also, this post contains affiliate links. Full disclosure here. Y'all- I'm in San Diego!! Woot!! The great thing about vacation is... well, it's vacation! There are sites to see, food to try, photos to take and beaches to relax on. When I got off the plane, I hopped aboard … [Read more...]

58 Things to do when the Bridge is Up

Do you find yourself stuck in traffic regularly? Are you preparing for a road trip with kids? Whether you're a St. Augustine local stuck on the bridge or not, this list will help you keep a good attitude, save some time or make a new memory when the car is crawling! This post contains affiliate links. I don't know how many times a day the Bridge of Lions goes up but it seems to always be when I'm running late! Instead of huffing and puffing, make the most of your new-found extra time! Put the car in park and choose one (or two or ten, depending on how many boats are going … [Read more...]

Road Trip Tips: Pack a “Bag of Tricks”

Welcome to the #RoadTripSimply section of Simply St. Augustine, where I share Road Trip Tips and ideas! If you’re headed to St. Augustine, head back to my home page for how to enjoy St. Augustine like a local. This post contains affiliate links- read my disclosure to learn why. If you're traveling with kids, you've probably learned the art of packing a Bag of tricks. As a mamma of 7, I've had years... and years... and years to develop a Mary Poppins type bag of surprises! I've been grateful for my stash many times like when we were: Stuck In Traffic There was this … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Orlando Ropes Course

Welcome to the Road Trip Simply section of Simply St. Augustine! If you’re headed to St. Augustine, head back to my home page for how to enjoy St. Augustine like a local. If you're looking for what to do in Orlando, <-click there. This post is sponsored by US Family Guide. Ben, our 17 year old, participates in competitive debate. This is very fun for him and kind of fun for the others of us... I mean, of course everyone loves sitting through 3 days of 1 1/2 hour debates over the judicial system... {cough cough} Truth be told, we all enjoy the buzz of the tournaments … [Read more...]

Worth the Drive: Jacksonville Sharks Arena Football

The kids are so excited... they're going to a Monday night football game! Jacksonville Sharks arena football is fast-paced, high-energy and fun. And the deals are so good right now they're hard to pass up!!! You can get 2 season tickets for $99!! If you only want to hit one, Monday's offer is BOGO tickets for Jacksonville residents (adults)! Or, if you want to take the kids like we're going to do, all kids 3-12 are free with paying adult!!! We're headed up to Jacksonville for a Sharks arena football game and we want to do it right. So I'm reaching out to you... … [Read more...]

Road Trip Packing Tips

Howdy, road warriors! Welcome to #RoadTripSimply, the Road Trip section of Simply St. Augustine- my site about America's oldest city and our family's road trips to & from St. Augustine. This post contains affiliate links. Today's Road Trip Round Up is a collection of Packing Tips from 12 different sites. These have helped us as we try to arrive wrinkle free, what to pack for road trips with kids, how to fit a family of 9 into 1 van and other sticky packing situations... I hope they help you too!   Suitcase Packing Tips Posts: #1: Forbes Takes … [Read more...]

Amelia Island: Florida Adventure Sports + Lunch {but no coffee}

hang glide amelia island, powered hang glide, florida adventure sports, fly over fernandina

Welcome to the Road Trip Simply section of Simply St. Augustine! If you’re headed to St. Augustine, head back to my home page for how to enjoy St. Augustine like a local. Hubby & I love Amelia Island. Also read my post about our Corvette Road Trip to Amelia. I knew I was going paragliding but I had no idea what that meant. I mean, would I be towed up behind a plane or a boat and then glide back down? {No- that's hang gliding.} Would I hang from a parachute with a fan propelling me? {No again- that's paragliding.} Would I be suspended from a parachute without a … [Read more...]