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I was working out with Peace, Love, Boot Camp.  After 1 year of 6 am classes, we’ve made the switch to an indoor gym.  Since it’s been in the 30s and very windy at that time of day the past couple of weeks, I’m not gonna complain about that!  Here’s a quick tour of my new gym, Everybody Fitness:

This photo ^ shows the first thing I read when I go to the gym every morning- and it is so true for me!  I go 3x a week whether the night before was a scant 4 hours of sleep night or a restful 8, whether my toddler woke me up or __you fill in the blank!__. Nike got it right… Just do it.

I do not hit snooze.  I do not sleep in.  If I start slacking, I know I’ll quit so I never second guess my alarm.

Everybody Fitness has many tools in their torture chamber fitness toolbox.  Balls, bands, mats, bosu balls, equalizers, boxes, wicked little bars we have to jump over, weights…

… and battle ropes.  “What’s the big deal about playing with jumpropes?” you may ask.  HA!  Those suckers get heavy and my whole core is usually sore after working out with them!

I take the “Fit Camp” classes.  Accountability is a good thing for me and I’ve found that as I get in better shape, I’m still able to have a challenging workout because I’m doing more of an exercise, using more weight and maintaining better form.

If you’re more of a gym rat, there’s a whole room of equipment next door.  I walk by when I go to the restrooms (which have showers, by the way) but have 0 experience in that department.  I hear the equipment is up to date.  Membership for the gym is separate from membership to fit camp classes, call them for details.

For my neighbors in North St. Johns County, Everybody Fitness is a convenient facility with current classes & equipment!

Everybody Fitness
107 Nature Walk Parkway


  1. Teresa says

    Good for you Allie. Keep up the hard work.

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