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I can not believe it’s taken me this long to talk about Catch 27!!!  Believe me, my negligence has nothing to do with the quality of this amazing restaurant… I’ve recommended Catch 27 as serving the best local fish in St. Augustine countless times on facebook and twitter… now it’s time for me to sing their praises on the blog. Catch 27 is my favorite destination for fresh, locally caught fish in St. Augustine.

{Ok, penance is made. Moving on to the review…}

Shrimp & Grits at Catch 27

First things first. When Catch moved to their new location, they kept the friendly BYO Bottle perk for those in the know. If you have a favorite label, you can bring one bottle of wine with you! Catch 27 invites diners to BYO wine and will happily chill your beverage and serve it tableside gratis {no extra charge for one. If you bring more than one bottle, they charge a corkage fee.} But they now serve beer & wine so you can order by the bottle or glass as well.

Nearby wine shop, The Gifted Cork, offers 10% off for Catch 27 diners if you want to pick up a bottle in town. Mrs. Jeanne is awesome like that.

There is no corkage fee on 1 bottle if you to BYO wine to Catch 27.

The dining room at Catch 27’s Charlotte Street location is much more spacious than the Hypolita location was. Twice as big is still smallish but their new patio is huge and amazing. Whether you want to dine in or out, make reservations.

This photo is from the Hypolita location- now Small Plates.

There are a few reasons why Catch 27 is my fave local fish place:

1. The Minorcan Clam Chowder is local and spicy. It’s no secret that I love local. This chowder has its roots in St. Augustine’s Minorcan heritage dating all the way back to 1777.

2. Fresh {fresh, fresh, fresh, fresh} Fish This is actually reason #1 but I’m not going to restructure the whole post. But I digress. Reason #2 {#1! ha!} to love Catch 27 is your filet of fish has been on land less than 24 hours. Probably less than 12. We live in FLORIDA… there is absolutely no reason to eat imported, pond-raised tilapia from Costa Rica.

Owner Stephen Hutson’s passion is offering only local, sustainable fish. A glance at the mural in the dining room reveals the variety available off our coast. Mahi is abundant as is flounder, triggerfish (aka “poor man’s lobster”), pompano, sheepshead and vermillion snapper. Each day, the restaurant offers the fresh catch from the morning- diners are typically able to choose between two fish.

3. Flexible, friendly kitchen Gluten free? Dairy free? Can’t eat pepper? No problem. The staff is friendly and flexible. They’ll happily sub fresh veggies or potatoes for pasta. Speaking of potatoes- order the potato gratin. You’re welcome. 

Rustic Fish is my favorite preparation at Catch 27. It’s simple and showcases the freshness of the catch!

4. Stephen and Lindsay are the kindest people ever- you should support local restauranteurs like them!! They’re so kind they shared a recipe for Clams Linguine for you to try at home.

There is so much more to love about Catch 27… the menu is small but offers plenty of variety, the most expensive entree is $20, and did I mention the fish is fresh?? If you’ve been, comment on this post with all the reasons YOU love Catch 27! If you haven’t, it’s time for you to check this little gem out!

Catch 27
40 Charlotte Street
(904) 217-3542
If you’re not a fish enthusiast, they also have pork, chicken and meatloaf on the menu. 

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  1. Those dishes look delicious! Well prepared fresh fish is hard to beat.

    • The fish is so fresh, Catch’s simplest preparation is my favorite! LMK if you guys make it over to the First Coast & want to double date. 🙂

  2. It all looks so good Ali! I still haven’t made it by there yet, obviously I need to do that. Thanks for the info on the BYO wine, sounds like a good girls night spot.

  3. Finally ate here last night – fantastic food and great service. New favorite seafood spot!

  4. Jonathan says:

    If you’re not a fish fan, bacon wrapped meatloaf is outstanding!

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