French Fry Heaven St Augustine

Okay, I confess.  I was not first in line for French Fry Heaven St. Augustine when they opened.  I mean, big deal- they serve french fries just like all the other restaurants in St Augustine, right?  Wrong.

French Fry Heaven employs a unique cooking method where they twice-fry their treats resulting in crunchy outsides with a light & fluffy interior.  Perfection!  French Fry Heaven, indeed!

Samples: Trrrry it! You’ll liiiike it! Mikey likes it! {that’s a throwback quote for you young-uns who don’t “get it”} 

St. Augustine’s French Fry Heaven is locally owned by a Flagler grad.  This is the first French Fry Heaven franchise ever and their fries really are some of the best fries in St. Augustine!

When you stop in, you’ll choose between three sizes: cupid {$3}, medium {$4}, shareable {$6}.  If you’re *really* having a hard time deciding and are munching with friends, go for the flock of 3 cupids {$8} and choose your three favorites from the menu board.

If  you have a sweet tooth, upgrade to an order of Saints – their sweet potato fry- for a $1 more.   Opportunities to upgrade abound.  Want Black Truffle Salt? That’ll be 50c.  Warm melted cheese? $1, please.  Wish you could combine your favorite flavors and create your own masterpiece?  No questions asked!  This place is a fry lover’s dream come true!  The French Fry Heaven Menu is massive… especially considering the whole thing is french fries.

Cupid {small}, Medium {err… medium}, or Shareable {large}?

I’m a BBQ fiend.  The one thing I pined for during my 12 years as a vegan? BBQ.  So when I saw the Cowboy Angels, I looked no further.  Vegans everywhere can thank me… this is an amazing, gluten free, trans fat free way to enjoy one of America’s favorite foods.

Lauren, my sweet-tooth daughter, was all about the Saint Darcie Nutella Fries {$5 for a med}.  Hazlenut Peanut Butter Sauce drizzled over sweet potato fries is apparently “heaven” in her book!  That opinion was shared among all 3 girls- Clara (2 yo) was literally trying to lick the paper cone when we were finished!

protip: The cute little wooden fork-spear-things are not very helpful at all if your fries are topped with a sauce you don’t want to wear.  So we found an empty table and the girls ate without smears all over their shirts.

French Fry Heaven St. Augustine
100 St. George Street, Suite A
If you’re standing at Columbia, FFH isn’t far at all! Ask a nearby local if you don’t see the sign.  It’s just across Hypolita Street on the left. 

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    I told you they were good!! No one believes me when I talk about this place…until they go 🙂 Now I want to go get some 😉

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