The Hyppo Cafe

I didn’t see this until I’d already ordered…

Cold brew Sumatran coffee is decorative, functional and I hear delish!

Cold brew Sumatran coffee… it’s high on my list of The Hyppo Cafe items to try next visit just because their brewing process looks so darn cool!

The kiddos & I stopped by The Hyppo Cafe after our IMAX 3D movieFlight of the Butterfly.  It turned out to be the perfect stop- delish sandwich combinations, a creative & casual atmosphere and Hyppo Popsicles for dessert made all parties involved quite happy!

Elvis lives… he grills up these sandwiches in the kitchen daily.

Since it was our first time, I ordered our sandwiches cut in quarters so we could pass tastes around the table.  Andrew was enamored with the Elvis {$6.50}– a grilled peanut butter, honey, banana & bacon masterpiece.  He did share bites, but he tried to sneak the bacon out of them first.

The Goat.

Clara ended up with The Goat {$7.50}.  This Roast Beef sandwich is spread with goat cheese, cucumber, mint, and smoked mayo on sourdough.  I wanted to love it because goat cheese is a personal fave as are mint & smoky flavors.  But the thick cucumber slice was a bit much for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a refreshing cucumber & mint contrasting with smoky mayo {etc}… but it was so thick my mouth couldn’t love it.  Have you tried it? Tell me I’m wrong & I should order again.  Tell me the cukes are usually sliced thinly & I just ended up with chunky ones.  Well, either way, Clara {3} didn’t mind.  She pulled the cucumbers off & ate them separately.

The Re-Reuben {$7.50} was possibly my favorite thus far.  It’s so hard to decide!  Corned Beef and softened Gruyere were accompanied by an apple slaw.  Yummy.  I love how creative Hyppo’s menu is!  I love the adventure and even in the case of The Goat where it wasn’t my fave, I still enjoyed trying new flavor combinations.

When you order a sandwich, you can choose from 3 sides.  Since we ordered 3 sandwiches, we tried one of each: potato salad, fresh fruit, & apple slaw.  Clara devoured the fresh fruit even as her brother & sister were begging for a piece of pineapple- I guess we’ll go for 3 fruits next time!  I enjoyed the potato salad as well.  It’s similar to the brown mustard & dill potato salad I make.

After lunch, the kiddos cleared their plates to the nearby bins and then moved on to the most important decision of the day… what flavor popsicle to order!

Clara must’ve been on an Elvis kick- she ordered the Elvis popsicle.  Peanut butter & banana.  Andrew had coconut, Georgia went with strawberry & Ben chose a giant cookie instead of a popsicle.

Then I was handed a Hyppo punch card.  Where have you been all my life?! If everyone in our family gets a popsicle, we get a free one every single time! Woo hoo!  So I can take you, my friend, with me & you can have the free one.  Or I can have two.  I’m sure they’re healthy enough… but just in case, don’t tell my Fit Camp Instructor.

Across from Cobblestone Plaza on 312, free wi-fi
1765 Tree Blvd #5
(904) 342-7816
9am – 10pm Mon – Sat

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  1. says

    My favorite is the Elvis sandwich…even though I’m not crazy about peanut butter or bacon as a general rule. But somehow, put together, they morph into something else. Something Kingly, I suppose? PS–I am available every third Thursday to join your gang as the designated free popsicle recipient!

    • says

      🙂 Wed ice cream for guests at Bayfront Marin, Thurs hit Hyppo for popsicles… I need to work out more this summer!!!

  2. unseeliepixie says

    Hyppo is the whole reason for my recent gourmet popsicle obsession…

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