The Present Moment Cafe

Soup is an expected item on a restaurant’s menu.  Butternut Squash Soup with a Jalapeno-Cilantro drizzle spices things up a bit, but still may not impress a foodie.  But when I tell you I ate it at Present Moment Cafe, a restaurant where everything is raw, and that it was delicious… I’ll probably have your attention.

If you think a raw restaurant serves only salads, think again.  Present Moment Cafe creates a tapestry of flavors and textures that will surprise you and lure you back again and again.

The sampler platter is the way to go… it’s too hard to narrow the menu down to one entree!

On our latest adventure there, we enjoyed a Sunlight Burger, Creamy White Truffle Pesto Pasta (the noodles are made from zucchini), Falafel Special and an amazing chocolate ganache cheesecake with a mint drizzle… heavenly!  I skipped salad (I mean, everything is raw… so nutritionally it’s like eating one big healthy salad, right?!) and ordered a Green Dream Machine juice instead.  Clara (1 y.o.) enjoyed a Strawberry Fields smoothie- a lot.  Proving that this place is ready to please anyone willing to give it a try.

Raw and Delicious. Think you’d have to eat it to believe it?!  Please do.


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GPS Directions: 224 W. King, St. Augustine, 32084

I wrote a piece about Present Moment Cafe for First Coast Magazine <-Read it there.


  1. Ursula Tiberio says

    Always love to eat at this place. Please add my email address to your list and email me up to date menu. Thank you,

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