Olde Towne Toys

Usually, wait time at a restaurant equals moans and groans from the kids {and from us if it’s been a long day!}.  But when parents have to wait for a table at The Yard Bird Cafe, kids will squeal thank you!  Two doors down, Olde Town Toys has an amazing assortment of quality toys and a well-stocked hands-on play area!

With six children in a modest home, we don’t have a ton of toys.  We’ve always been a “quality over quantity” family.  But the great, quality toys were hard to find once we moved to St. Augustine.  We could sometimes find a new LEGO at Wal-Mart… but it’s not my fave place to shop.  The Learning Express we used to frequent is over an hour away {read: WAY TOO FAR!}

When we walked through the Olde Towne toy store recently, I felt like I was walking through 14 years of memories…

“Oh, remember that pull-behind toy?!”  ~  “Lauren, you used to have that puzzle!”  ~  “Mom, here is our crystal growing kit!”

At this cool toy store, we saw many familiar boxes, but discovered new favorites, too.  We bought a card game to play during lunch at Yard Bird Cafe, and spotted many quality brands such as: Playmobil, Lego, Melissa & Doug, ALEX, Schylling, and even Erector sets!  They’re not cheap, but they engage children in imaginative play which boosts IQ and is just a lot of fun!!  {Ok… enough about toys… I’ll save that for my other blog!}

I will say: shop local.  

There are lots of safe toys for little ones here and also some for big kids- can’t tell you about my other purchase until after Christmas but I think it’ll make a certain 14 year old smile.

Let the kids play!  Sign them up for the Birthday Club ($3 off coupon their birth month + a free toy from the grab bag when they come in), look for something special and enjoy being a kid again!

Olde Towne Toys
113 King Street
(904) 814-8710 

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