Park Now! St. Augustine Parking Pass for Locals

As much as I love Historic St. Augustine, I must admit that parking can make it hard to enjoy.  Our favorite secret spots aren’t as secret as they used to be and lately I’ve had to pay to park more often than I’d like to.  The good news is locals can save money while parking in the garage, at metered parking or pay stations with the Park Now Card.

It took me a long time to get the card- I mean, slipping downtown M-F from 7:30 – 5:00 is easier said than done.  And getting a city employee on the phone that could tell me about the ambiguous card was next to impossible!  That was the case until I was directed to Tara Bennie.  She deserves employee of the year!  She answered my questions, took my order over the phone so I didn’t have to go in for my 1st card and mailed me a map with all the public parking in St. Augustine!  Wow- now that’s service!!

Now about the savings… You park for $3 per day at the parking garage and save 50 cents per hour at the meters.  That kind of savings adds up!  This is a pre-paid card and it costs you $2.50 up front plus however much you load on the card.  You can choose between $20, $50, or $100 increments.  Now that we have to pay 7 days a week to park in the Castillo lot, I’ve used my card a couple of times.  No more hunting for change!

Tara sent detailed instructions with my card and they’re clearly printed on the Pay Stations.  It’s easy- swipe, print a receipt, place on dash & go.  There is even a stub on the receipt that says how long you have that you can tear & keep with you (no more wandering… how much longer do I have?!)

This isn’t technically for locals only… if you’re staying for a while or come often, the Park Now Card may save you money, too!  For all the best of St. Augustine and how to enjoy our city like a local, subscribe to Simply St Augustine’s email updates!

Stop in the City of St. Augustine’s office for your Park Now Card
7:30 – 5:00 M-F

50 Bridge Street
or call Tara Bennie at 825-1034


  1. Carol Labanowski says:

    We parked in the garage on Sunday and were charged $3.00. With our park now pass .your web site says $1.00 with park now pass. Please tell me the rules. Did the cost go up

  2. Crystal Painter says:

    We have a house on 96 South Street in Lincolnville. Our daughter is getting married at the White room on Nov. 30. We will have guests park in the garage and then the trolley will bring them to and from the White Room. Is there any way for us to purchase garage parking passes for our guests?
    Crystal Painter

    • Great question, Crystal! I would like to think there is a way for you to help your guests like that. You’ll want to call the city- see if you can reach Tara Bennie at 825-1034. Alternately, you could ask the Trolley if your guests could utilize one of their lots if it’s not during their busy time? Good luck!

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