9 Days: Rest

Simply St.Augustine is counting down the 12 days ’til Christmas!  You can read 12 ways I’m celebrating Christmas in St. Augustine starting with this 12 Days ’til Christmas post!

Christmas is my busiest time of year.  Traffic surges on my site with people searching what to do for Nights of Lights in St. Augustine.  We have dozens of things I really, really, really want to experience this year but only so many nights on the calendar!  Then there are cookies to bake, presents to make, buy, wrap.  Next come parties to attend and so many opportunities to serve… nursing homes, homeless shelters, angel tree, bring cookies to firemen {For the record, I don’t do all of this! I’m no superwoman!}  With so many good to-do’s, I have to make myself stop and ask, “WHY?!”

WHY do I celebrate Christmas? I want to remember Jesus’ birth and celebrate that God became man.  I want to make sweet memories centered around our faith with my children and teach them to give freely to others as God gave His Son freely for me.  I want to hold the children tightly but dust-collectors, all that stuff I’m rushing around to buy, loosely.

So then WHY do I allow myself to get tangled up in a to-do list three miles long?  If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that the “to-do list” is never-ending.  Actually, I’ve learned 2 things I’ll share with you:

  1. The list can never be conquered
  2. If I pursue that list non-stop, it doesn’t ever get done AND I always get sick!  I need rest!

But I don’t have time to rest in December.  Maybe in January.  It’ll be my New Years’ Resolution: Build Margin into my schedule & life.  Then January is full and I say the same thing about February.  Then “when summer comes”.  It never happens!  No more procrastinating, I need to stop now and rest.

Rest is God’s gift to us.  When Abba said to “remember the Sabbath Day & keep it holy”, He was telling us to rest & set apart time to spend with Him.  He knew we needed it.  Now that’s a loving command!

WHY not!?  Today’s the day!  Join me in today’s countdown ’til Christmas.  It’s an imperative… rest.

And it’s my gift to you!  Here’s reminder: slow down and just rest.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Kat says

    Fabulous! And timely, too!

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