Pub Life Inn over Ann O’Malley’s

It was my hubby’s BIRTHDAY and, well, you only turn 33 once!¬† ūüėČ I surprised Chris with a Birthday Beer Weekend and it all started at Ann O’Malley’s Pub Life.¬† This great little Inn is perched above Ann O’Malley’s Irish Pub and offers a perfect base for a¬†Historic St. Augustine beer¬†getaway.

At check-in, Chris received a Park Now Card for free parking in the garage, tokens for¬†beer¬†and tokens for¬†2 sandwiches downstairs at Ann O’Malley’s!¬† We hadn’t even stepped into our room yet and the hospitality was flowin’!!

Check out our spacious suite-

Say “buh-bye” to cramped hotel rooms; Pub Life is spacious and comfortably decorated.¬† A queen bed takes center stage in the large bedroom,¬†the bathroom¬†boasts a¬†claw-footed tub and¬†you’ll enjoy a tv, microwave & mini-fridge¬†in the comfortable living room.¬† I peeked in a closet to discover a cache of board games!!¬† Next time we need to plan some down time just to enjoy games on the private balcony of Pub Life.¬† {You can view a video¬†tour of the whole place here: Pub Life Inn}

Back to the bedroom… We unpacked and I was about to put my clothes in the dresser {yes, I do this even for one night stays-¬†go ahead and make fun of me, Chris does} when I spotted these on the dresser:

LuLi’s cupcakes!!!¬† What a sweet surprise!¬† We took a bite- just one because we were headed out to dinner- then another- then another… these are seriously tasty cupcakes!¬† Thank you, Ann O’Malley’s!

Now, you must keep in mind that Pub Life is nestled above a bustling {read: loud} pub that closes at 2 am!¬† In fact, we enjoyed the band from our room almost as much as if we were in the pub downstairs.¬† So you book Pub Life for a party weekend, not a relaxing writer’s retreat.

Protip: Pub Life staff had playing music when we arrived in our room {sweet!}.¬† We turned it off when we were listening to the downstairs band but next time I’ll remember to put it back on before bed.¬† It’d help mask some of the “cleaning up in the middle of the night” noises.

That being said, Saturday morning was peaceful and quiet.  I woke up before my hubby and poured a goblet of OJ from the fridge {another thoughtful touch!} opting out of the champagne that was chilled beside it.

What a view to wake up to!!!!  I sat back in a chair and breathed in the brisk air we enjoy in October here in St. Augustine.  I love waking up to crisp cool breezes but wearing a tank top by lunchtime.  #spoiledfloridagirl

Check out the view of the inlet through my zoom lens!!¬† That’s the Atlantic Ocean!¬† Man, I love St. Augustine!¬† What a beautiful view of God’s amazing creation!

You have to check out the blue bucket hanging over the far rail.¬† It kind of blends into the trees here, but it’s the coolest thing ever.¬† Room Service!!!¬† You call downstairs and place your order then lower the bucket.¬† Ann O’Malley’s puts your food or beverages inside and sends the bucket upstairs!

Another super-cool thing about this balcony… I’ll be standing here St. Patty’s Day as the parade goes by!¬† Yep, yours truly will be one of the judges of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!¬† Can’t wait.¬† ūüôā

We already love Ann O’Malley’s– and after a night in the adorable Pub Life we like it even more!¬† Nothing was overlooked¬†by¬†our hosts. ¬†We truly look forward to returning for more memories {and car bombs}!

Ann O’Malley’s and Pub Life
23 Orange St


  1. Babbs Cooper says

    So cozy and fun. Lights the fires of Love I am sure.
    Would be a wonderful gift for my daughter and her man this fall ….just because they deserve it!
    Thank you for the share Allie and many Happy Happy Day’s to you both.


  2. Jim Schage says

    I am so looking forward to our St Paddy’s/Terri’s birthday weekend. Brings to mind stories of people living over a bustling restaurant and how romantic it sounds. We won’t have to worry about the loud celebrations downstairs because most likely we will be in the in the middle of them.

    • says

      I’ll see you up there, Jim! I’m judging the parade and we use your balcony for a great view of the event. ūüôā See ya Saturday! ~Allie O.

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