Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival

My hubby loves beer.  Don’t worry, not in an “AA” kind of way.  He enjoys the nuances of beers and evaluates hoppy IPAs with friends like others savor fine wine… but in t-shirts & shorts instead of khakis.

I, on the other hand, thought all beer tasted the same… awful.  Not a fan.  The kids love it when I try Daddy’s drink, they laugh at my “beer face”.  I figured that I just wasn’t a beer girl.  Until I enjoyed a tasting tour here in St. Augustine.  Stouts and ales, I discovered, can be deep and flavorful without the bitter, hoppy punch at the end that distinguish IPAs.  Maybe it’s not all bad… now I’m ready to be convinced.  Enter the Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival.

Jacksonville Beer Fest
Photo Credit: http://www.beerfestjax.com/index.php

Whether you’re a beer aficionado or a hesitant spouse, you’ll have a chance to taste 300 beers at next month’s 5th annual Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival!  (I suggest you choose wisely- all 300 may be a bit much for this one-evening event. 😉 haha)

What: Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival
When: Friday May 17th, 2013 until 10pm
Where: Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
How Much: ULTRA VIP (starts at 5pm $100), VIP (starts at 6pm $55), General Admission (starts at 7pm $40) details on perks for tickets available on Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival’s Website here

I’m looking forward to tasting and discovering new favorites & the live music.  Hubby is looking forward to three levels of beer.  Period.  This is a little road trip from St. Augustine worth taking!  See ya there?!

More info on Jacksonville Craft & Inport Beer Festival on their website www.BeerFestJax.com

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