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I mentioned in my first Monticello, Florida blog that Monticello is my hometown.  I left there when I was 12 and, after exploring much of the state, now call St. Augustine home.  This post is one of my Road Trips from a recent trek to Tallahassee, FL & my hometown.

On this trip to Monticello, we decided to eat “in town” one night.  None of the cute little restaurants downtown were there when I was a kid.  Now there is a Cafe, a BBQ joint, Pizza place & Mexican restaurant downtown.  I let the children choose and they voted to try Monticello Pizza Kitchen.

Farmhouse tables fill the center of Monticello Pizza Kitchen.

A friendly waitress called out to sit where we pleased.  There were 6 of us, so we chose a large farmhouse table in the center of the restaurant.

protip: If you’re a small dining party, eat on the sidewalk under the trees for the best ambiance!

Once we were situated, our server brought the kids coloring books & took our order.  I decided on a salad for me, pineapple & onion pizza for all & a cinnamon roll for dessert.  

The salad bar was surprisingly good!  Mixed greens greeted me instead of the dreaded iceberg I expected.  I topped mine with cranberries, beets & sunflower seeds and headed back to the table… but not before I watched the pizza masters in the back toss dough up in the air to form our pizza crust!

protip: Ask your server to tell you when they’re tossing your pizza and go watch through the window for a fun pizzeria experience!

The kids ordered their favorite- pineapple & onion pizza.

I wasn’t a huge fan of our pizza.  The crust was not soggy {that’s a good thing} but it also lacked flavor {that’s a bad thing}.  I bet if you ordered pepperoni or a supreme, the flavors of the meats would balance out the overall pie.  But since our kids’ favorite is pineapple & onion, that didn’t happen.  Next time I’ll try the lasagne.

After our pizza, a regular came in and stopped at our table.  She recognized us as not-from-around-here and chatted with us about local goings on.  She then introduced the kids to a game she brought, Shut the Box.  I never told her I grew up there and it didn’t matter- she was welcoming us into small town life.

I really wish my hubby was there.  See, he {being a Yankee from Long Island} does not understand why I {being a Southern gal from Monticello} chat it up with everyone I meet.  “Can’t we just tell the server thank you & go on our merry way?” he wonders?!  Well, yes.  Yes, we can.  But what fun is that?!  I didn’t realize how much my small town upbringing shaped who I am today until that moment in Monticello Pizza Kitchen!

Back to the food, though.  The pizza was… fine.  Salad bar was good.  And then this appeared:

Monticello Pizza Kitchen takes pizza dough and makes this fun, kid-friendly dessert: Cinnamon Rolls!  We loved the gooey cinnamon sugar filling.  The icing wasn’t the homemade kind I’d hoped for but the kids didn’t care- and that kept me from eating the whole plate so it turned out to be ok.  I don’t know if they always cut them up like this or if it was for ease of sharing amongst many… we liked them being bite-sized.  This sweet ending made my littles happy which made mamma happy.

Monticello Pizza Kitchen
168 E Dogwood St ~ Monticello, FL
(850) 997-7437 
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