Dole Whip Isn’t Just For Disney Anymore!!

Rejoice, Disney fans, rejoice!! We have Dole Whip in St Augustine!

You no longer have to pine for Dole Whip Soft Serve the 362 days you aren’t at Disney every year. St. Augustine has an ice cream stand that serves this sought-after, refreshing, pineapple ice cream treat year round!

Dole Whip St Augustine

Now that we serve Dole Whip, St. Augustine is CERTAINLY a better destination than {ahem} most theme park cities. {ahem} ;)

Close your eyes and you’ll think you’re at Adventureland’s Aloha Isle Refreshments at Disney! Well, that’s what most locals are saying. A few holdouts insist that Disney’s is one-of-a-kind but a facebook poll says this is legit! {If you’re new to the Dole Whip phenomena, read this post about it on the Disney Food Blog.}

The Original Likit Frozen Custard also offers soft serve treats like “flavor burst” ice cream, floats & shakes. And I hear that when Mrs. Cindy from the Pirate Museum needs a good hot dog, she heads over to Likit for a legit one.

St Augustine Dole Whip

Likit is on St. George Street in front of the Milltop’s classic Mill Wheel.

Once you’ve tasted it, let me know in the comments… is this soft serve as good as Disney’s Dole Whip?

9 St. George Street
(904) 679-5492

Meehan’s Irish Pub

It’s time to give Meehan’s another chance.

Hubby and I hadn’t been to Meehan’s in quite some time. Our 2012 experience on the balcony of Meehan’s Irish Pub was “meh” – we’ve since learned that we were there just before they replaced both kitchen and management staff. That explains a lot.

Meehan’s has a new head Chef, an updated menu and new management – and I have a new opinion of Meehan’s Irish Pub.

Meehans Restaurant Sliders

Guinness Beef Sliders are popular apps at Meehans Irish Pub.

Guinness Beef Sliders {$13} are on the appetizer menu and they’re a great way to start your meal here. This “simple” app introduces a discerning diner to quality that can only come from a scratch kitchen. The beef for these babies is braised for hours and topped with house-breaded onion crisps which provide a contrasting crunch. I always take the top half of my garlic roll off so I can enjoy the richly flavored, fall-apart-tender braised beef with little distraction. If you’re not in the sharing mood, add a Mixed Arugula and Strawberry Salad {$11} to make a meal!

Meehan’s is proud of their Fish-n-Chips {$17} and Steak and Stout Pie {$17} but it isn’t just for pub grub. Upstairs, the raw bar is a popular destination. I go up there for the view but haven’t tried the chilled seafood or slippery shellfish myself. I’m just not a fan of shellfish… but my blogger friend, Karen, is. {Say hi to her at Saving the Family Money!} She ordered the saffron infused classic Bouillabaisse {You can order like a pro: BOO-ya-BASE. It’s a dish of Local Fresh Fish, Clams, Mussels & Shrimp in a house-made Shellfish Broth $28}. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words:

Meehans Bouillabase St Augustine

Anastasia Island Bouillabaisse

I loved the idea of a slow-cooked seafood broth infused with saffron but knew the mussels weren’t the way to go for my palate. As I struggled with my dinner choice, Chef Paul came out and we had a chance to visit! It was a quiet night- yes, we occasionally have those in St. Augustine… mostly in late January and early October… but there are occasional reprieves sprinkled throughout the year. Locals love those moments! Anyways, it was one of those. Chef was able to take a few moments from the kitchen to visit and share tales of his wanderings & cooking adventures- from the West Coast to Asia. I asked Chef Paul to work his kitchen magic and surprise me.

Chef Paul Meehans

Chef Paul has returned Meehans’ kitchen to a scratch kitchen.

Chef Paul lived in India for several years and said he’d perfected his curry so that’s what we decided on- paired with a smooth but robust red wine.

It.was.amazing. Bright flavors leapt from his effortless blend of many fresh spices. The curry had a bit of heat but wasn’t unpleasantly spicy. I could go on and on with foodie terms but let me just say it was really, really, really good and I’ve been trying to talk my hubby into a trip back ever since.

Chef Paul can whip up an amazing, authentic curry. Check with your server for specials.

Chef Paul can whip up an amazing, authentic curry. Check with your server for specials.

I was impressed to see cardamom pods in the mix with chicken, asparagus and peppercorns. For those with little experience eating authentic curries, the cardamom pod is not intended to be eaten whole. Simply push them aside as you would a bay leaf and eat the rest of your curry with gusto!!

Indian Food St Augustine Meehans

Cardamom pods infuse intense flavor to Meehans’ curry.

I was so very tempted to eat every.single.bite of curry… but Karen has a sweet tooth and I felt obligated to be a good friend and share dessert. The things we do for friends… ;)

Since we were sharing, the kitchen plated our Jameson Bread Pudding {$8} and berry swirl Cheesecake {$8} together. Check it out:

St Augustine Meehans Dessert

A sweet ending – House made cheesecake & Jameson Bread Pudding

Meehan’s is one of the few restaurants with water views downtown. While children are welcome, expect dinner to progress at a relaxed place and plan what you order and the time of your arrival accordingly. {Our 8 yo “Mac N Doodles” connoisseur loves the mac & cheese, by the way.}

Finding a scratch kitchen in St. Augustine isn’t too hard. Finding a restaurant that also makes their own Irish Cream is impressive. If you’re too full for dessert, toast to a great view, delicious dinner and the friends you’re dining with. Slainte!! To Your Health!

Meehan’s Irish Pub
1 Block South of the Fort
20 Avenida Menendez