31 Days of Summer: IMAX 3D Movie

Hi, Simply St. Augustine friends! This post is part of my 31 Days of Summer in St. Augustine series. I’ve done all the research so you can kick back & have fun this summer! Get lots of ideas- click here!

It was a rainy summer day… again.  The littles needed to get out of the house and the indoor Burger King playground wasn’t gonna cut it.  It was a perfect day to experience a 3D movie at the IMAX Theater at World Golf Village.

World Golf’s IMAX shows 3D documentary movies {1 hour} and also Hollywood special feature movies.  Right now you can choose between Island of the Lemurs 3D, Great White Shark 3D and Maleficent 3D.

The only time I’ve experienced lines & crowds was when we went to Avengers.  On educational trips like this one to see Butterflies, about 5 other couples/families were in attendance. We were joined by a huge summer camp which filled the theater.  Day in & day out, World Golf Village is quiet.  Very quiet.  Too quiet.  But still well staffed & well maintained  so we go and look forward to the day that we see ice cream & sandwich shops opening around the lake again.

World Golf Village features hotels, shops, the World Golf Hall of Fame & IMAX surrounding a lake. The park-like spaces are well maintained & always green!

Last visit, we opted for the 3D Flight of the Butterflies movie.  I often experience motion sickness in a 3D movie but enjoyed the entire film this time!  I’ve learned it’s quick motion in 3D that bothers me- so no to Maleficent in 3D for me, yes to chill movies featuring butterflies & coral reefs.

We donned our super-cool 3D glasses & ooohed & ahhhed!

Both Andrew {6} and Clara {3} reached for the butterflies as they flew by… so cute!  We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly & how they migrate thousands of miles over several life cycles.  Although the movie was from an evolutionary perspective, as a Christian I sat in awe of my Creator who has designed butterflies with such specific navigation & timing… not to mention their transformation from a hungry caterpillar to a magnificent Monarch.  I learned about the “super butterfly” that makes the trek to a protected area in Mexico and even our 4 year old left spouting insect facts!

It was drizzling again as we walked back toward the van.  The kiddos were so excited when a golf cart with rain-gear pulled up and offered us a ride to the parking lot!  He would’ve let us circle the lake 2 or 3 times but we were hungry so after 1 loop we hopped out near our van.

protip: Leave yourself time to ride around the lake in the E-Z-Go! The kids loved their golf cart ride… and it’s free!

World Golf Hall of Fame IMAX Theater
One World Golf Place
(904) 940-4133
Documentary Prices: $8.50, Seniors/Students/Military:  $7.50, Children (3-12):  $6.00
Hollywood Film Prices: $13.00, Seniors {etc}:  $12.00, Children (3-12):  $10.00 

I should mention that you have to walk from the parking area to the theater… so while IMAX is a good rainy day getaway once you’re inside, you may get a little wet on your way in! BYO umbrella & flag down the golf cart for a ride!


  1. Steve Melching says

    We have enjoyed the “Butterfly’s “. TWICE !

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