Lincolnville Farmers Market

**Update: Lincolnville Farmers Market is no longer meeting**

Drive down West King Street.

Turn onto Riberia Street (no chance for confusion here- you can only turn one way).

I was taking my little girls to the Lincolnville Farmers Market for the first time.  So far, so good.  Helpful signs pointed the way when I started to wonder just how far down Riberia I should drive.  FYI: you dead end into the park.

We’re early risers, so we arrived at Eddie Vickers Park before all the vendors were ready for us.  No problem here!  Eddie Vickers Recreational Facility is home to 9 acres of playground, baseball & basketball, and a community garden…  plenty to explore until the farmers market opened at 11:00.

The Community Garden is inspiring.  Forty-some-odd beds are rented and maintained by locals.  We saw tomatoes, beans, herbs, broccoli, onions and lots of ladybugs.  No picking, of course, but we enjoyed walking through the well cared for beds.

When it became too tempting to touch, we left the gardens and headed over to the shaded playground.

Tucked under venerable oaks, the Eddie Vickers playground offers a playscape with slides, swings and climbing things.  Like the adjacent fenced-off pool {currently closed}, the playground is past it’s prime.  Backs of benches are abused (but seats still provide a place to rest) and some of the playground equipment is damaged.  Fortunately, the majority is still functioning well and our girls enjoyed the freedom playgrounds offer little ones.

After a visit to the nearby restrooms {which were clean!}, we ambled over to the now bustling farmer’s market.  Neighbors pedaled by with bike baskets full of produce as we approached the first booth.  A woodcarver had quite a variety of wares.  I love this bench.  Wouldn’t it look great on the front porch of a beachside cottage?  It makes me think of my Dad.

Next, we stopped by the bread lady’s booth.  Even though this was our first trip to Lincolnville Farmers Market, we were very familiar with her goodies!  {She’s always at the Saturday Old City Market & also the Beaches Market on Wednesdays.}

We passed batik T’s, hand-crafted picture frames and cutting boards, guitars made from cigar boxes and wild palmetto honey {dark and tasty!}.  KYV Farms has a booth of locally grown organic veggies and we also tasted hand-crafted raw cheese.  Live music was a constant, accented by laughter and exclamations of delight as people sampled new favorites.  The girls and I shared a glass of freshly-pressed lemonade (Creative Juices makes many juice blends) and really enjoyed sampling the veggie lasagne-  It was locally made and delish!!

We were still in breakfast mode, but there was some amazing-smelling BBQ smoking for the lunch customers.  I hear it’s tasty- I’ll definitely try a sandwich next time!!   While I was able to resist the lure of BBQ (mostly because we were headed to Carmello’s for pizza afterwards!), I was not able to resist the best donuts in St. Augustine!! 

There is certainly something for everyone at Lincolnville Farmers Market.  Stop by for a late breakfast, head over for lunch after church or shop for the week’s veggies here in Old Town.

Lincolnville Farmers Market
Eddie Vickers Park – 399 Riberia Street
Sundays 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

**Update: Lincolnville Farmers Market is no longer meeting**

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