Peace Love Boot Camp’s Belly Blast

The results are in.  Working out really does help you have more energy and lose weight.  This is life changing info from ground breaking research!  People need to be told about this!  😉

Seriously, though, I wanted to update you on the Belly Blast I did with Peace Love Boot Camp.  I was skeptical about how much Boot Camp workouts & the Belly Blast could help the extra fluff around my middle.  I mean, this belly has carried six kids- the largest was 9# 12 oz.  This body has done a lot of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g {and not the workout kind if ya know what I mean}.

In addition to that, I eat healthily.  I’m mostly vegetarian, cook everything from scratch, drink tons of water {half my weight in ounces is a lot!} and no soda.  I work out 3-4 times a week.  We don’t eat dessert unless it’s s’mores season…  or we’re out to dinner where they have anything with chocolate ganache on the menu… or we’re within a 15 mile radius of Claude’s Chocolates.  Ahem.  So I don’t eat too much dessert.

So I just wasn’t sure that the 21 day “lifestyle diet” called Belly Blast would make that much of a difference.  Once I learned it isn’t a “count every calorie” program, it’s a “eat real, whole foods” program I decided to give it a try.  Belly Blast is a 21 day commitment that includes detox days.  They have the menu layed out so all I had to do was shop and prepare the easy meals.  It’s all real food and I already had most of the basics in my pantry.

Here are my results over a 5 month period, the first 4 I did Boot Camp only & the last 21 days I added the Belly Blast to my workouts:

3.25″ off my waist, 3.25″ off my thighs, 1″ off my chest, 10.4 pounds and 3.9% body fat loss!!

I’ll share my before & after picture… but it’s at 6:00 am so give me a break in the looks dept!  Remember:

Okay- so here’s my before & after:

My biggest takeaway from the Belly Blast was to watch my portion size.  I love to eat, so I used to eat much more than my body needed- even with a busy life chasing 6 kiddos around!  😉 Now I often serve my meals on a smaller size plate just to help myself with the first serving and rarely need seconds to feel satisfied.  If you’re a foodie, too, try that little trick!

Here’s an “after” pix with my amazing hubby on his 33rd Birthday.  But really there is no “after”.  Healthy eating and exercising is an ongoing lifestyle, not a short-term commitment.

I’m posting links {below} to my other Boot Camp posts.  If you’re needing a push to start living a healthier life, join me at Peace Love Boot Camp!  Follow my fitness journey: Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3
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