Pecha Kucha A St Augustine Meetup

None of us knew exactly what we were there for.  The one thing every local gathered there agreed on… we had no idea how to pronounce it!  Pecha Kucha is new in town… let me decode it for you.

Locals gathered for Pecha Kucha Vol 1 in The Floridian‘s courtyard.  Conversation flowed easily between old friends and new ones drawn together by this concept of sharing ideas and inspiration.

Pecha Kucha.  Is it pay-chah-koo-cha? peach-ah-cootcha? petch-ay-kutch-ay? Actually, it’s peh-chock-chah.  Japanese.  Of course, you knew that, right?  {It’s ok to fess up that you were saying it all wrong.  I still mess it up even now!}

protip: Pecha Kucha is pronounced peh-chock-chah

We arrived early enough to order dinner and a drink.  Pecha Kucha will be hosted at different venues around the city – Volume 1 was The Floridian, Volume 2 {this Thursday!} will be at Dos Coffee + Wine.

Dukes Brown Ale + The Floridian's Fried Pickles = local eats & drinks!

The premise of Pecha Kucha is this- locals present an image-rich talk {20 slides, 20 seconds each} on whatever they are passionate about.  We heard from a spoken word poet, a writer, a pilot, a gardener… the presentations were varied.  Sometimes emotive, sometimes entertaining, sometimes hilarious but always informative.

Slides are integral to the presentation- so Volume 1 got off to a late start thanks to Florida’s bright and glorious sunshine overpowering the screen until sunset.

Many locals came with friends but all were friendly- I enjoyed meeting others and discovering their passions!

As the final rays faded, twilight provided amazing ambiance.  I loved that many presenters rose to a personal challenge by standing and sharing in front of the group.  Not everyone was a type A rock star used to speaking in front of groups- but each found their voice when communicating their passion.

Local restauranteur, Steven, brought in Bon Ami Macarons to use in his presentation on preconceptions affecting our taste.  He told us we were choosing between a couple of macaron flavors and gave each time to savor their cookie.  In the end, Steven revealed that though they were colored differently, in actuality we all ate the same flavor cookie.

I have to allow my foodie self to take pride here: he didn’t trick me.  *wink*  These taste buds knew better!  It was a fun {and rather tasty} illustration, though!

Pecha Kucha Vol 1 reminded me to listen when I meet new people.  Everybody has a story to tell- you never know from whom you’ll learn something profound.

After the evening of learning, community togetherness and beautiful images, hubby and I walked to our van hand-in-hand.  I was a little more grateful for the balmy Florida evenings, a little more grateful for the sweet family I was going home to and very in awe of the way God has gifted every person so differently.

See ya at Pecha Kucha Vol 2… 

Look for beauty and you'll find it all around you.

Pecha Kucha St. Augustine
You’ll find current dates and info via ^ that link. Also connect w them on facebook.

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