Working Out Away from Home

I work out 3x a week at EveryBODY Fitness in N St. Johns County.  I thrive on the accountability, encouragement to push through an hour long workout and constantly changing, challenging workouts.

But what can I do when I’m not home?!

I asked my CR210 fitness instructor, Sonya, for some HELP!  Sonya pulled through with 5 great workouts I can do alone.  {I sometimes think she’s more committed to me getting healthy than I am!}

While I am away, I plan to rotate through two of these daily.  I don’t want to commit a solid hour each day to working out since my goal is to play with my kids on the farm we’re escaping to.  I know I’ll get some cardio in chasing soccer balls and running after goats & horses.  These workouts should round out my activity and keep me on the right track while I’m on vacation.

If you want to join me in some at-home workouts, try this upper body workout & “Booty Murder”.  It sounds worse than it is… right? {gulp}

I mean, I’m sure I could do these back-to-back…  We’ll see how it goes.  If you do either, comment & tell me how it went!!  Did you do one of these or both?  Am I alone on this working out stuff?!

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