La Pentola

If you've wandered the streets of St. Augustine much, you've passed by the vine-topped wooden doors leading into La Pentola Restaurant.  I've glanced over many days, but only recently walked through to an enjoyable evening with friends. We met up with our friends late in the evening and were looking for a little something sweet & a relaxing atmosphere- we wanted to talk, not shout, over coffee.  We quickly chose a table in a quiet corner of the courtyard. Simply St. Augustine friend, meet capuccino.  This was perfection in a cup.  The rock candy lended a bit of … [Read more...]

Treaty Park

We were looking for a playground.  I wanted to avoid the crowds at the downtown parks, so we turned left out of the Old City Farmer's Market and headed for Treaty Park. Once you make it to CR 207, you turn onto Wildwood (don't worry about getting turned around- you can only turn one direction) and you'll find the entrance down on the right. Treaty Park covers 47 acres, so even on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, I knew there would be plenty of room to picnic and play.  This county park has every possible playspace a park could offer.  What?  You want the … [Read more...]

St Augustine Panera Drive Thru

I'm not blogging about Panera.  You know what you'll get when you go there- free wi-fi, fresh bagels, tasty soups and sandwiches... that's what chains are about.  Predictability.  But St. Augustine is special.  Our Panera has a Drive Thru.  Yep.  I'm blogging the Cobblestone Panera Drive Thru. We picked up lunch from the St. Augustine Farmer's Market and were headed to Treaty Park for a picnic.  I realized halfway there we were out of water- and Lord knows you need to drink a lot of water on a warm Florida day!  Panera is located in the Cobblestone shopping center … [Read more...]

Strawberry Storage Tips

So you went to the U Pick Strawberry Farm and brought home pounds of fresh, sweet strawberries... but you can't eat them all today?  Read Colleen's tips for keeping them fresh...  How to keep strawberries fresh: Don't wash them! Store in a dry container in the fridge until you're ready to use them. (My grandma always lays a paper towel in the bottom to absorb moisture.) Then wash them, pare the top off and enjoy. If you pick a LOT... here's how to freeze strawberries: Wash and dry thoroughly.  Pare (cut off the tops).  Lay them apart on a cookie sheet and … [Read more...]

St Augustine U-Pick Farm

~ This strawberry farm is closed. The tips for preserving berries are still good!~ It's strawberry season!!!  We have a strawberry bed in our backyard.  It's so fun to walk out and discover a new little ruby gem nestled amongst the deep green leaves!  Ours are sweet but small... and few.  Today, we had enough for strawberries and freshly whipped cream for dessert!  No, not quite a miracle... we discovered the hydroponic strawberry farm at the St. Augustine Flea Market! We were greeted by Mrs. Colleen as we walked into the tent that forms the entrance to the U Pick … [Read more...]

Peace Love Boot Camp – Week 1

I wasn't sure what I was walking into.  I just knew I needed to get in shape. Resistance bands, weights and mats I associate with exercising.  Park benches and curbs used to mean rest.  Not anymore!  This week I joined some strong women for an early morning workout - Peace Love Boot Camp. I guess I should give a little background... It's been 9 years since I took a group fitness class and in that time I have had 4 children.  We take neighborhood walks and enjoy the park, but my body is definitely not used to a rigorous workout.  {understatement of the year!}  As … [Read more...]

Kingfish Grill Seafood Restaurant

St Augustine Fort {el Castillo} at night from the water

Any night on the water is a great night. That's what my fisherman hubby says. Last date night, we combined our two loves- his love of fishing and my love of good food- and took the scenic route to dinner. He wet his line and I navigated with the trolling motor- past the impressive cross at Mission de la Nombre de Dios and then past the Castillo... We pulled in to Kingfish Grill at dark- sad to miss the great view of the Intracoastal Waterway from the restaurant's many windows, but we'd enjoyed water views all night long. :)  I was still chilly from being out on the … [Read more...]

Back 40 Urban Cafe

We arrived at Back 40 Urban Cafe at 6:15.  Drat.  Missed Taco Happy Hour. (3:00-6:00 daily)  On the bright side, it forced us to try several new dishes & take home lunch for the next day. I brought 6 hungry kids with me, so we started with the Vegetarian 3 Bean Chili and Chips appetizer. ($5.95) It was well received! Back 40 is in a cute little old house, so we had our "room" to ourselves (the front room was full).  While we waited for dinner, we played "I Spy" with the pop art. Lauren opted for the Southwestern Caesar Salad ($7.95).  Crisp romaine was … [Read more...]