Local Citizens Petition to Stop “Road to Nowhere”

We spend a lot of time on the road.  Between soccer practices, local events, church activities and one more trip to Publix ... we drive quite a bit & I'm grateful for smooth roads & well-routed traffic. I was recently asked to make other locals aware of a new road being planned that they say will do little to alleviate congestion around historic old town & 312- but will destroy pristine marshland and come with a hefty price tag to taxpayers... at least $66 million! If you like to see the government run like a business (within its means & not spending … [Read more...]

Colonial Quarter St. Augustine!

Colonial Quarter St Augustine Blacksmith

If you've been downtown anytime over the past few years, you've heard sounds from the Colonial Quarter. Hammering continues as the boatwright works on the boat, staccato clangs hint at hot fires in the forge, and the occasional gunshot explodes behind the wall. You've heard it but many tourists never see the Colonial Quarter. Although this two-acre attraction is tucked between two busy tourist corridors, it blends seamlessly into historic St. Augustine... because it is historic St. Augustine. Walk with me through a few highlights of St. Augustine's Colonial … [Read more...]

Ponte Vedra Concert Hall

Live Music St Augustine

If you've been driving into Jacksonville for big concerts, please let me convince you there is another way!!  Last Sunday, my hubby & I enjoyed a date night- dinner at Harry's then our first concert at Ponte Vedra Concert Hall.  Let me tell you why it was so amazing... First, parking was a breeze ($5).  We arrived almost an hour early, so there was no line at all.  We walked across the grassy parking area toward the entrance... and walked right in.  Did I mention there were no lines?  When is the last time you went anywhere downtown without experiencing some sort … [Read more...]

Date Night: Dinner & a Show

Harrys St Augustine Martini

Chris & I make it a point to slip out for "date nights" a couple of times a month.  We always enjoy ourselves- even if we just go for a run together.  But this past Sunday's date night stands out as a favorite- we enjoyed a delish dinner and then visited a new venue for an amazing show! We started at Harry's Restaurant... I first tried Harry's dessert martinis over the holidays.  I'll never forget that fateful moment when the server brought out Harry's {seasonal} pumpkin martini...  It was love at first sip!  After that, anytime we were in St. Augustine with … [Read more...]

Things your Boot Camp Instructor will never say…

What you need at Peace Love Boot Camp

You'll never hear your Exercise Instructor say... You ladies worked hard today!!  Let's celebrate by hitting Dunkin Donuts' grand opening! If we sprint we'll be first in line!! Okay, next interval is push-ups!  Level 2 push-ups are on your toes. {everyone starts...}  If you need to drop back to Level 1, drop to your knees.  Level 0 is collapse on the mat!  I ordered these ankle weights to add to your leg work.  You can buy 10's, 5's or just rubber band a bag of marshmallows around your ankles for motivation.  You can eat one each time you do a full … [Read more...]

Picasso Comes to St. Augustine


You know Pablo Picasso as an artist.  After my time with him at the St. Augustine Visitor's Center, I know him as a painter, sculptor, revolutionary, father, author and a ladies' man! Make time for Picasso: Art & Arena while the exhibit is here in St. Augustine, Florida and become acquainted with Picasso in this historic, intimate setting. Of course I didn't actually meet Pablo Picasso.  Born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain, Picasso painted through the turbulent 1900s until his death in France in 1973.  Through my time in the St. Augustine exhibit, however, I watched … [Read more...]

St. Augustine Record Blogs & other places I’ve been featured…

My facebook and twitter friends know I've written for the St. Augustine Record's online mag- Compass.  Compass does a great job keeping the community informed of the latest local happenings, concerts in St Augustine and St. Augustine festivals. I also regularly contribute to First Coast Magazine (no time for links now- but it's awesome! Check it out!). For easy access, I'll post a list of St Augustine blogs I've written for Compass: St. Augustine 2012 Favorites 5 Family Friendly Historic Sites St. Augustine on $25 a Day St. Augustine Art Walk 5 Ways to Woo … [Read more...]

St. Augustine Date Night

Cabana for 2 at the Casa Monica Hotel St Augustine

So you're in St. Augustine for a romantic getaway, Valentines Day, or engagement.  You know about the carriage rides and strolls along the beach- all the usual gushy stuff.  But you want this trip to be set apart.  You want it to reflect your love's preferences, not be a cookie-cutter romantic experience.  Sounds fabulous, but where do you start?! Here are my favorite places in St. Augustine to round out a romantic picnic or dessert under the stars.  Mix and match for a special night that's perfect just for you two.  If you need more ideas, ask me & other locals on … [Read more...]