St. Augustine Style- 5 ways to wear Emerald

Where to shop in St Augustine

This month, Simply welcomes fashionista and guest blogger Angie!  Below, she shares how to incorporate the latest styles & colors into your real-life Florida wardrobe.  Learn more about Angie from her bio next week! Merriam-Webster defines fashion: the prevailing style during a particular time. To me, fashion is wearing what makes you feel most beautiful, inside and out. You don’t have to have the most expensive jeans or the newest bag. Reaching your full fashion potential is as easy as finding the right shape for your body type or leaving your comfort zone by color … [Read more...]

Cap’s on the Water

Caps St Augustine Waterfront Restaurant

Anytime I meet up with friends for dinner, I'm asked to choose the place.  "You're the St. Augustine expert!" they reason.  "You'll know the perfect spot!"  {uhh, no pressure!}  When my friend Karen invited me to dinner with long-time blogger Ann, who was vacationing in Florida, I racked my brain for somewhere that combined Old Florida ambiance and delish food. For all the water we have in St. Augustine (Matanzas River, many creeks, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean), we have very few waterfront restaurants!  I picked Cap's on the Water, a waterfront … [Read more...]

Florida Girl

You can take the girl out of the sunshine state but you can't take the sunshine out of the girl!

I love being a Florida girl!!  It's almost time to unpack the tank tops and polish my toes... I think my first "summer" activity will be a picnic lunch on the beach with my kiddos.  Or maybe we'll hit Davenport Park & ride the merry-go-round {did you know it's only $1?!}!! What's first on your summertime to-do list? … [Read more...]

St Johns County Healthiest in State

st augustine in the news

As all the locals know, St. Augustine is a great place to live. In this part of my site, I share news articles from around the nation where our fair city has been featured. In this one, the Associated Press shared one more reason this is the best part of the state to call home! St. Johns County Ranks Healthiest in Florida “A new report shows that those living in St. Johns County in the northeastern part of Florida are the healthiest in the state...The study examines factors such as economic, social, behavioral,environmental, and clinical care.” From March 21, 2013. … [Read more...]

Fodor’s Travel 10 Best Small Towns in America

st augustine in the news

As all the locals know, St. Augustine is a great place to live. In this part of my site, I share news articles from around the nation where our fair city has been featured. In this one, Fodor's Travel names St. Augustine one of 10 Best Small Towns in America. Surprise, surprise! 10 Best Small Towns in America {excerpt} America's big cities may get all the splashy buzz, but for savvy travelers, our small towns are our best-kept secrets. In a time when "authentic" is a travel buzzword, these hamlets are attracting visitors with an often unexpected—and surprisingly … [Read more...]

Everybody Fitness

Battle Ropes St Augustine

I was working out with Peace, Love, Boot Camp.  After 1 year of 6 am classes, we've made the switch to an indoor gym.  Since it's been in the 30s and very windy at that time of day the past couple of weeks, I'm not gonna complain about that!  Here's a quick tour of my new gym, Everybody Fitness: This photo ^ shows the first thing I read when I go to the gym every morning- and it is so true for me!  I go 3x a week whether the night before was a scant 4 hours of sleep night or a restful 8, whether my toddler woke me up or __you fill in the blank!__. Nike got it … [Read more...]

St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival 2013

St Augustine Clone Wars

The St. Patrick's Day Parade was a festive start to a weekend celebration of Celtic heritage here on the first coast.  We walked through the gates at the perfect time... Albannach was rocking the stage with their signature drum-heavy, pipe laden, makes-even-the-clones-dance music! I imagine it's a lot easier for the athletes to compete in highland games with Albannach's music setting the tone.  This was my first time watching highland games & I loved it!!  I vote we do away with football and instead watch men in kilts throw massive rocks, axes, and weighted bales … [Read more...]

St. Patty’s Day Parade 2013 in Pictures

St Patricks Day St Augustine

Saturday morning was the perfect day for a parade.  Skies were clear and the warm rays of Florida sunshine kept us warm while a fresh, cool breeze blew in from the ocean.  The {1 week early} St. Patrick's Day Parade kicked off the St. Augustine Celtic Music & Heritage Festival and what a fun weekend it was!  I didn't snap photos of each group, but you'll get a feel for the parade in these photos: Ft. Myers Marching band drove all the way to St. Augustine to participate in our parade!! Kudos!! Three different Pipe & Drum groups marched- and … [Read more...]