Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival

Jacksonville Beer Fest

My hubby loves beer.  Don't worry, not in an "AA" kind of way.  He enjoys the nuances of beers and evaluates hoppy IPAs with friends like others savor fine wine... but in t-shirts & shorts instead of khakis. I, on the other hand, thought all beer tasted the same... awful.  Not a fan.  The kids love it when I try Daddy's drink, they laugh at my "beer face".  I figured that I just wasn't a beer girl.  Until I enjoyed a tasting tour here in St. Augustine.  Stouts and ales, I discovered, can be deep and flavorful without the bitter, hoppy punch at the end that … [Read more...]

St. Augustine’s Old School Museum

Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse in USA

You knew, when I said "St. Augustine's Old School Museum" in the title of this blog, that we're talking about an old school building- not old school as in Naughty by Nature's "Hip Hop Hurray Heeeyyy, hoooo, heeeyyy, hoooo, hip hop hurray, hoooo, haaaaay, hoooo..." or something even more Old School like... well, I don't know like what because I'm not that old.  {Help me out, Karl?!} Anyways, this post is about the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse Museum in St. Augustine - a St. Augustine attraction for decades and a nice place to prop up your feet for a bit in the midst of busy … [Read more...]

Firehouse Subs: Two ways to win!


***giveaway closed*** All my friends who follow Simply St. Augustine on facebook or twitter know I love Firehouse Subs!  My first Firehouse Sub was less than a year ago and it's now one of the only chains I go to on a regular basis- Starbucks' drive through being so convenient that it's another. Today you have 2 ways to win with Firehouse Subs: Be one of the first 16 people to check in to your Firehouse with the Foursquare app on your phone & get a free sub! (Tuesday, April 16, 2013) Leave a comment here with your favorite Firehouse memory & I'll send one … [Read more...]

Waterfront Restaurants in St. Augustine

Caps on the Water St Augustine

I wrote recently, in my Cap's on the Water post, "for all the water we have in St. Augustine (Matanzas River, many creeks, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean), we have very few waterfront restaurants!" But then I started a mental list... alphabetically, of course, because I'm organized like that: Aunt Kate's* Beachcomber on the ocean, St. Augustine Beach Beaches at Vilano review  Cap's on the Water review Conch House* Creekside Dinery* Hurricane Patty's Kingfish Grill review Saltwater Cowboys* San Sebastian Winery's bar has … [Read more...]

Giveaway for Teachers: St. Augustine School Tour

Old School Museum St Augustine

Classroom spending money is tight for teachers.  Whether a public, private or home school, it seems there is often not enough for "the extras" that make learning memorable & fun!  This month, Tour St. Augustine is stepping up to sponsor a giveaway in an effort to help at least one school group to come enjoy some hands-on learning in St. Augustine! {Though I assure you they'd love to earn all school groups' business!} Before I tell you about the giveaway, let me say that St. Augustine is a perfect town to field trip in.  Our homeschool family enjoys all the living … [Read more...]

A Homeschool Day in St Augustine

St Augustine Cathedral

One beautiful thing about homeschooling is it's portable.  We've walked through the zoo while studying land mammals, read about the War Between the States then visited Civil War Battlefields, and lazed in the backyard on sunny afternoons while immersing ourselves in lives lived long ago when kids collapsed into meadows to daydream when their chores were finally finished. When we read I, Juan de Pareja, a book set in 17th century Spain, I decided to immerse ourselves in 17th century Spain.  We visited St. Augustine.      Mass was in the great cathedral, with its … [Read more...]

St. Augustine’s Spanish Bakery


When I was a kid, Dad used to take my sister and me to the Spanish Bakery on St. George Street.  That alone is enough reason for me to bring my own children there for lunch in St. Augustine! Dad grew up in Puerto Rico- I guess the picadillo and pigeons walking around old picnic tables of a family-owned bakery reminded him of his childhood.  And The Spanish Bakery on St. George Street is still in the same building, serving the same menu on the same picnic tables I remember as a child!  It's been in the same family all 37 years of operation. My little … [Read more...]

Working Out Away from Home

tank top arms workout

I work out 3x a week at EveryBODY Fitness in N St. Johns County.  I thrive on the accountability, encouragement to push through an hour long workout and constantly changing, challenging workouts. But what can I do when I'm not home?! I asked my CR210 fitness instructor, Sonya, for some HELP!  Sonya pulled through with 5 great workouts I can do alone.  {I sometimes think she's more committed to me getting healthy than I am!} While I am away, I plan to rotate through two of these daily.  I don't want to commit a solid hour each day to working out since my goal is to … [Read more...]