Free Trial Week at Every BODY Fitness

Everybody Fitness St. Johns

It's free trial week at Every BODY Fitness!  If you haven't checked out their facility, now's the time. Every BODY Fitness offers group classes from Zumba to Yoga to Les Mills Body Pump Classes.  Check out their schedule of fitness classes on CR210. If you prefer to work out with a personal trainer or alone, Every BODY Fitness has that covered, too: You can ask about a guest pass to one of these any time- but my preferred way to get/stay in shape is Fit Camp.  These are small group circuit training classes- the instructors have years (decades!) of experience and … [Read more...]

Spotted in Boston: Lobstah Lou

Lobstah Lou Boston Redsox Game

Thanks for joining me on our Boston Road Trip!! I'll include links to all my Boston posts at the end of this post. Boston in the fall... it's a bucket list item for many!  But where to start?  There is so much to do, so much to see!! Hubby and I spent a week in Boston for our 15th anniversary and had a blast exploring the town.  We talked to a lot of locals and enjoyed off the beaten path spots - but also played tourist unabashedly. On Day 2, we bought Lobstah Lou.  He helped us chronicle our trip and brought a lot of laughs to Simply St. Augustine's twitter and … [Read more...]

5 Things You Need to Know About Halloween Safety in St. Augustine

St Augustine pumpkin patches

St. Augustine is packed with great things to do year round and Halloween is no exception. However, a consideration that is even bigger than what to do on October 31st is how to stay safe. Many families will take to the streets of our historic town, trolling for candy, while others stay at home to pass it out. These tips will help you stay safe no matter where you are: #1. Beware the Costume. Choosing the perfect costume for Halloween is lots of fun for kids and grownups. However the perfect costume for a party may not be the perfect costume for trick or treating. … [Read more...]

A1A Ale Works

A1A Ale Works Soup

There are a few restaurants everyone assumes must be my favorites.  The Floridian gets a lot of buzz as does Scarlett O'Hara's {confession: I've never been to Scarlett's!}.  The third place I'm asked about all the time is A1A Ale Works. The view is great, you can eat indoors or out, they brew their own beer... what's not to love?!  In case you haven't been, here's A1A Ale Works in 2 minutes or less: When dining with all the kiddos, we love to eat outside.  There's less pressure to behave perfectly so we can just enjoy being a family!  On our last visit, we scored … [Read more...]

Mon Petit Chou 4 Ms Night

4 Ms Night St Augustine Mon Petit Chou

It's fall and it's the perfect time of year for Mon Petit Chou's 4 Ms Night! Of course, any time is a good time to kick back with girlfriends and a drink, have a manicure and massage and learn a beauty tip! If you haven't heard of Mon Petit Chou yet, <- allow me to introduce you.  It's a boutique spa & salon on the island- and they're making waves!  You'll see the name popping up all over town- like at the Holly Jolly Shopping Spree in November.  Owner Amanda is passionate about making local gals look and feel like a million- her 4 Ms night is one monthly way … [Read more...]

Fall Fun in St. Augustine 2014


Looking for some fall fun in St. Augustine?  There are pumpkin stands, agritainment at local farms and mini carnivals popping up all around St. Johns County.  Here's a round up of Fall Festivals in St Augustine- some pumpkiny and others with our traditional Spanish flair. Choose your favorite and enjoy fall in Florida! Sykes & Cooper Farms Fall Agritainment Our biggest claim to fame is Sykes & Cooper Farms' Corn Maze.  We get lost in their corn maze every year- it's tradition!  You may want to take an Eagle Scout friend to bail you out... it's harder than it … [Read more...]

Pecha Kucha A St Augustine Meetup

Pecha Kucha St Augustine

None of us knew exactly what we were there for.  The one thing every local gathered there agreed on... we had no idea how to pronounce it!  Pecha Kucha is new in town... let me decode it for you. Locals gathered for Pecha Kucha Vol 1 in The Floridian's courtyard.  Conversation flowed easily between old friends and new ones drawn together by this concept of sharing ideas and inspiration. Pecha Kucha.  Is it pay-chah-koo-cha? peach-ah-cootcha? petch-ay-kutch-ay? Actually, it's peh-chock-chah.  Japanese.  Of course, you knew that, right?  {It's ok to fess up that you … [Read more...]

Ice Plant Bar – the coolest hangout in town

How to make large blocks of ice plant

Rough hewn plank walls.  Guys in suspenders & dolls with ruby red lips.  Everything made to order...  Step inside the new St. Augustine Bar Ice Plant Dining & Vintage Bar and experience how a drink should be made, how food should taste and why St. Augustine's dining scene is not about to cool off. I was in town for meetings and some work time.  Wi-Fi can be hard to find in St. Augustine, so I often end up at the library or Kookaburra Coffee to work.  But after The Florida Room's iced coffee in the afternoon, I decided to forego another dose of caffeine. Ended … [Read more...]