Carriage Rides in St. Augustine

While just about any day is a perfect one for a horse and buggy tour of St. Augustine, these gorgeous fall days are absolutely blissful! We climbed into a Southern Carriages buggy for a 45 minute tour a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed a ride narrated with history, local lore and lots of laughs. Clara thought she was in a parade- she waved at every car that passed until she fell asleep in her Daddy's arms. Sweet memories! All horse drawn carriages in St. Augustine follow the same basic route agreed upon with the city. Drivers have some flexibility- especially … [Read more...]

Be Still

St Augustine Beach Meme

When we spent the week at Crescent Beach, I went down 2 days early for a writer's retreat and some quiet time. I didn't realize how much I needed the rest until I was there, had deeply breathed the salty air... and slept. And slept. And slept. Sometimes I can be so busy doing, I forget to just be. Sunday morning, I strolled along the beach. I savoured the waves rushing in and swirling around my ankles {my favorite feeling in the world!} and basked in the beauty that surrounded me. I wasn't actively praying so much as I was resting in God's goodness. For the … [Read more...]

Coquina Condos at Crescent Beach

crescent beach fl

Even though we live 20 minutes from the ocean, we are not beach regulars. Getting there is the first problem... try packing a picnic lunch, floaties, hats & towels then sunscreening up six excited kids. It's no small task, I assure you! That's only the beginning of the effort, though. Bringing six sandy kids home can cause heart failure for the inexperienced! (car, bathing suits, house... SO.MUCH.SAND!!) Add on top of that the fact that I have six of the whitest children on the First Coast- one who burns just walking to the car and we have reasons to limit our trips to … [Read more...]

Smokin’ D’s BBQ

Smokin Ds BBQ StAugustine

There are BBQ places and then there are local haunts you'd never know about that close early some days because they only serve what is smoked fresh each day. Smokin' D's is the second kind of BBQ joint. Cash only. Take out only. Fresh only. Real, affordable, old-school BBQ. We had driven by "that BBQ place with the pink pig out front" dozens of times but never at dinner time. The perfect opportunity to visit came when we stayed at a nearby Crescent Beach Vacation Condo {review coming soon} and I decided beach time > cooking dinner. We ordered out, which was a good … [Read more...]

10 MUST TRY Food Experiences in St. Augustine

foodie st augustine

So you've eaten at Columbia and Collage and think you know St. Augustine... but how well have you experienced the unique flavors St. Augustine has to offer? Without further ado, I present to you my 10 MUST TRY foodie experiences in St. Augustine. In no particular order... because they're all my favorites. 1. Catch 27's Minorcan Chowder The Minorcan people came to St. Augustine from Spain in 1777 and many locals still celebrate their Minorcan heritage today- Minorcan Chowder is a big part of the culture they celebrate. Several restaurants on the First Coast serve this … [Read more...]