St. Augustine Restaurants for Vegetarians

If you are looking for Gluten Free Restaurants in St Augustine, <-click there. We went veggie in 1999. Back then, ordering a vegetarian meal usually meant suffering through an iceberg lettuce salad or servers suggesting chicken or fish as an alternative to meat. We've come a long way, baby. St. Augustine is an easy place for vegetarians to eat out. There are veggie options at just about every restaurant and legit vegan ones at most... but all veggies know there is a huge difference between finding something that will do and choosing a restaurant that serves … [Read more...]

The Requisite Disclosure Page

I didn't start Simply St. Augustine to make money. {Good thing, too... I would've quit long ago. LOL} Waaaay back in 2011, I wanted to build community, host a platform for my writing and photography about St. Augustine and blog sweet family memories here in St. Augustine so I started a blog. I didn't try to make a dime. That was dumb. Running a website takes time {writing, photography, editing... not to mention all the restaurants I have to try and experiences I'm forced to endure for the greater good!}, money {coffee money, gas money, web guy and hosting money} … [Read more...]

Mon Petit Chou Pampers Hands & Feet

Summertime is here. It's flip-flop season... oh, who am I kidding? It's always flip-flop season in Florida!! You can do a quick polish at home anytime but when you're ready to soak, scrub, massage- when you're ready to relax- Mon Petit Chou Spa offers an extraordinary experience. Mon Petit Chou is my go-to when I'm able to swing some extra pampering, mostly for facials and massages. I already go there monthly for haircuts {shout out to Angie, my hair whisperer!} so adding on a service is convenient. In addition, the salon owner, Amanda, researches every product she … [Read more...]

Staycation Link Up


I'm excited to be doing a Staycation Link Up with other bloggers around the country!  I'll share some St. Augustine staycation ideas here for visitors. Locals can start with this list of freebies for locals. Wherever you plan to make summer memories, look at the list of states at the end of this post for city-by-city suggestions for a fun, frugal summer! How to do St. Augustine... Most visitors jump on the tour trolley ($25), get off at a few attractions (Pirate Museum $13, Spanish Military Hospital $9, Whetstone Chocolate Factory Tour $8) and eat at the first place … [Read more...]

Sail Away on Schooner Freedom

Since 1565, St. Augustine has been a seafaring town. The fort, the cross, the lighthouse, the Bridge of Lions and the low, beautiful skyline of the Historic District are all uniquely appreciated from the water. Since 2001, one St. Augustine water tour has sailed beyond the rest- the premier tall ship Freedom. I've heard it said that a good Cap'n keeps a tight ship. By these standards, Captain Jon is a fine man. His crew is friendly and playful yet respectful. The Freedom is clean and orderly and everything is in its proper place. Once the ship is underway, the … [Read more...]