Obi’s Fillin’ Station at St. Augustine Beach

The vintage garage theme is clear from the moment your tires roll over the "service bell" line in the parking lot alerting the kitchen to your arrival. Obi's Fillin' Station is a tribute to America's automobile era down to the smallest details- and dreaming it all up was half the fun for Eddie Obi Jr & Angelo Hernandez, the local owners with as much of a passion for burgers as they have for cars. Obi's is divided into two rooms- the waiting area, with an open kitchen and a tempting dessert case, and the dining room. The counter dividing the two boasts an old car … [Read more...]

In the News: History Channel’s 8 Things About St. Augustine

st augustine in the news

As all the locals know, St. Augustine is a great place to live. In this part of my site, I share news articles from around the nation where our fair city has been featured. Have you heard the latest?!? The History Channel featured us in a trivia-type post. Will YOU know all the answers? Read more below... 8 Things You May Not Know About St. Augustine, Florida {excerpts} ...explore some illuminating facts about the oldest continually occupied settlement of European origin in the continental United States, which pre-dated Jamestown and Plymouth by decades. 1. All … [Read more...]

Macaroni and Cheese Taste-off

A friend and I were kicking around ideas for dinner plans. Both of our husbands were away and we figured a night off from kitchen duty was in order. We decided to go to St. Augustine and track down the best Macaroni and Cheese... with our combined 10 children... who range from 7 months to twenty-something. That's normal, right? I dubbed our quest BO Mac-n-doto or, the inaugural event of the Brown Olsen Mac-n-Doodle Taste-Off. Because life is short and eating dinner should be fun. Want to join us? Read on... #whybenormal #bestmomever To formalize this BO Mac-n-doto … [Read more...]

Thank you for the LOVE!

I should not be surprised. You guys are totally awesome!!! You made my day! This morning, Simply's facebook had 4,930 or so likes. I mentioned that it'd be nice to bump up over 5,000 but didn't really expect such a surge in one day. But I underestimated y'all! Thanks for the hugs (via facebook likes). I think you are all pretty great, too. :) If you're a new Simply St. Augustine fan, welcome! I'm Allie O. and I love life here. I post regularly on social media and blog a few times a month... life as a homeschooling mamma to 7 and a freelance writer keep me busy … [Read more...]