La Cocina International Restaurant

Hubby and I slipped out for an evening together. It wasn't an anniversary dinner or any other special occasion; we just needed a few kid-free hours to talk... or not talk. You know how some weeks are so busy that even sitting quietly sounds like a blissful evening? Yeah, it was one of those. We dressed up a bit & made the trek over the Bridge to La Cocina International Restaurant in St. Augustine Beach. When our server, Jorge, brought over a bread basket with toasted and cheese topped bread with fresh marinara, I mentally raised the bar. This was going to be … [Read more...]

In the News: Ikea is coming!

As all the locals know, St. Augustine is a great place to live. In this part of my site, I share news articles from around the nation where our fair city has been featured. Have you heard the latest?!? The buzz right now is not about St. Augustine... it's about what's coming to Jacksonville. Everybody is talking about IKEA!!! There are currently 4 Ikea stores in Florida: Orlando Tampa Ft. Lauderdale Miami Ikea just announced that their 5th Florida store will be coming to Jacksonville and I can't wait! I went to the Orlando store for the first time last … [Read more...]

What to do in St. Augustine for Halloween 2015

ripleys st augustine scavenger hunt

This Halloween there will be lots to keep visitors busy. Here's a round-up of Halloween 2015 tours & events, going from least spooky to crazy intense. Are you afraid of ghosts?! {I am! You won't see me out there!} Here's a round up of my personal faves, in order from least scary to most scary. 1. All month long: The Great St. Augustine Skeleton Scavenger Hunt 2015 Ripley's is a great place to explore the unexplainable, the spectacular and the spooky year round... but they're going the extra mile this October! They've placed 11 skeletons in downtown St. Augustine … [Read more...]

Samhain Paranormal – More than a Ghost Tour

Allie O. here: I'm not a fan of spooky stuff. So when Eddie of Samhain Tours invited me to his Paranormal Experience, I sent a friend as my guest blogger.  Amanda has been a local forever and owns the adorable, current and oh-so-relaxing local spa Mon Petit Chou. She enjoys ghost tours and fun with friends. The rest of this post is hers. I must say that when my friends and I arrived at the Samhain Paranormal offices we did not know what to expect. I now know this tour is truly for the paranormal aficionado! It’s definitely not an entry level ghost tour but rather an … [Read more...]