Road Trip Tips: Stay-Healthy Car Snacks

Welcome to the #RoadTripSimply section of Simply St. Augustine, where I share Road Trip Tips and ideas! If you’re headed to St. Augustine, click back to my home page for how to enjoy St. Augustine like a local. This post was sponsored by Noble Juice & contains affiliate links. There is nothing worse than spending all the time, energy, vacation days and money to go on a vacation and then getting sick. Ask me how I know. I'll spare you details, but let's just say throwing up in a hotel room with no washing machine available isn't pretty whether it's one person or … [Read more...]

Road Trip Tips: Make a Rainy Day List

Welcome to the #RoadTripSimply section of Simply St. Augustine, where I share Road Trip Tips and ideas! If you’re headed to St. Augustine, head back to my home page for how to enjoy St. Augustine like a local. I'm a planner so I always have a contingency plan. My over-planning has never really been appreciated much until last month when our family of 9, my sister's family of 6 and my parents all Road Tripped up to the mountains for a week of fall family fun... and it rained Fortunately, I had a Rainy Day List at the bottom of our agenda and we were … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Consolidated Gold Mine

Welcome to the #RoadTripSimply part of my site! If you're headed to the North Georgia Mountains, I have more tips there. And, as always, if you're headed to St. Augustine, Florida, I have tons of info in the menu above! When you spend an entire year looking forward to a week in the mountains and it is scheduled to rain that entire week, one must be creative to make the most of one's vacation. Good thing we made a rainy day list! One of the places on our rainy day list was Consolidated Gold Mine. After our visit there, we were GLAD it was raining on Monday! As soon as … [Read more...]

Spoiled Beauties Salon

**Update: Spoiled Beauties Salon has moved to St. Augustine Beach! Same friendly gals and high quality, organic skincare line but in an even cuter location! See photos of the new, fabulous location at this updated Spoiled Beauties Salon St Augustine Beach post.** Y'all know I'm "mamma" to 7 sweet kiddos and, as such, I love a bit of pampering when I can squeeze it in. {If you didn't know, Hi! I'm Allie O and I write this blog about St. Augustine!} Ok, now that we're officially friends, I have to tell you about the salon I'm loving these days. {A page with other amazing St. … [Read more...]

St. Augustine’s Limelight Theatre

"Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theater, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world." I completely agree with Alan Rickman; the arts have the power to shape our culture. In St. Augustine, locals can participate in the dialogue via our own community theater, Limelight Theatre. After 24 years and over 200 shows, the spirit of Limelight is stronger than ever. Limelight Theatre's building on Old Mission Avenue actually has 2 spaces for shows - the main one seats 125 people and the smaller "Black Box" holds around 75 for … [Read more...]

5 Perfect Fall Day Trips in St. Augustine

I just love this time of year! Mornings are cool and crisp then the days heat up so i can still wear sandals... Yes, I'm pretty sure #StAugustine is a slice of paradise! Fall is also a super busy time of year- school work is demanding and the speed of life seems to clip along at a pretty fast pace. If we're not careful, we'll spend free time inside doing laundry and homework and other necessities instead of taking time out to #LoveWhereYouLive. This year, I'm not going to miss out on this gorgeous weather. We make a summer bucket list every year- well this year I'm … [Read more...]