Outback Crab Shack

There are waterfront restaurants and then there are waterfront restaurants. Outback Crab Shack is so on the water, they had to build a retaining wall to keep the water out of the restaurant! They also have the longest boat dock on the river- 1,500 feet long, to be exact- and fresh seafood, fried gator, a smoker full of BBQ and ice cold beer. If you're a boater, a biker, a good-ole-boy or just hungry for great service and Southern food, this place is for you. First, you must understand that Outback Crab Shack is in the middle of nowhere. Well, it used to be. … [Read more...]

Small Indulgences Day Spa

In the heart of historic St. Augustine, Small Indulgences Day Spa welcomes footsore travelers and harried locals to days of massages, body treatments, mani & pedicures and other salon services. Perhaps the Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine isn't a myth after all... ;) When we pulled up, I immediately fell in love with the historic cottage. I can't help but imagine our daughter's bridal party rocking on the front porch and reclining against pillars between treatments as they get ready for the big day... but we're not there yet. I'm still changing diapers and needing … [Read more...]

Sea Serpent Airboat Tours

There are three very different sides of St. Johns County: historic district beaches natural, Old Florida -best experienced by heading west Drive as far west as you can and you'll end up at Outback Crab Shack on Six Mile Creek, which boasts the longest dock on the river. We went last week and saw gators, flocks of birds and five manatee feeding inches from us- you can read about them in the Outback Crab Shack post. Our adventure was aboard Sea Serpent Tours' airboat where we quietly slipped through a canopied creek, admiring old growth cypress and looking … [Read more...]

Get Feet Summer Ready with a Sugar Scrub!

You can read more about local Spas in my St. Augustine Spas section. This post contains an organic foot scrub recipe so read on and refresh your tired feet! Short version: You need an easy, sugar based foot scrub to perk up your tired feet before you hit the beach. You can use the recipe below and do it at home OR you can go to Nadia for relaxing, reflexology foot scrub. Details below. Longer, but much more entertaining, version: {please read the following in a cheesy, TV Salesman voice} Are your feet feeling neglected? Have they been hidden away all winter long … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Vote for Historic Travel

Summertime is here for this homeschooling family!! WOOT WOOT!!! Every summer, I link up with other travel bloggers while our school load is lighter to share travel ideas and stay in touch with bloggers in my niche. You'll like this Vote for Travel Linkup because there's a sweet giveaway you can enter... a vacation to Fort Myers/ Sanibel!! Today, I'm guest-posting on the Word Traveling blog about why people should travel to historic places. Obvs, I'm partial since St. Augustine has my heart. Here are some reasons I vote for historic travel... to read all my protips, click … [Read more...]

Road Trip: Orlando Ropes Course

Welcome to the Road Trip Simply section of Simply St. Augustine! If you’re headed to St. Augustine, head back to my home page for how to enjoy St. Augustine like a local. If you're looking for what to do in Orlando, <-click there. This post is sponsored by US Family Guide. Ben, our 17 year old, participates in competitive debate. This is very fun for him and kind of fun for the others of us... I mean, of course everyone loves sitting through 3 days of 1 1/2 hour debates over the judicial system... {cough cough} Truth be told, we all enjoy the buzz of the tournaments … [Read more...]

Making a Difference: Monica Davis

Joe Desiderio, St. Augustine Beach resident, reached out to me with an untold story of an amazing woman. I'm inspired by her and by his willingness to build up our community by highlighting someone who is giving back in a beautiful way. Below are his words. Thanks, Joe, for sharing Monica's story with us!  First, I’d like to thank Simply St. Augustine for supporting my idea of recognizing locals that are making a difference. I appreciate her indulging me. It seems that, all too frequently, the Internet, and specifically Facebook, promote “doom & gloom.” Thankfully, … [Read more...]

St Augustine Foodie Adventures

When visitors ask what to do in St. Augustine, I often send them on a Foodie Tour. They want to get to know the city and where to eat- St. Augustine Historic Walking Tours does a great history-based foodie tour where you explore the town and munch along the way. But for the locals who want some next level dining experiences... well, St. Augustine didn't have a foodie experience to graduate to... until now. St. Augustine Foodie Adventures plans monthly meetups at local restaurants to showcase independent restauranteurs and to give them a chance to wow foodies. The … [Read more...]