MUST HAVES for St. Augustine Beach Days {or: How to enjoy the beach with kids}

This post contains affiliate links for my list of MUST HAVES for St. Augustine Beach Days. Click here to read my full disclosure. We weren't beach people before Wesley joined the family. Either the 7th kid finally made me crazy enough to love bringing home more sand than the average schoolyard sandbox or being a mamma for 17 years has allowed me to work out the kinks and become a "how to enjoy the beach with kids" expert. I prefer the latter. LOL Truth is, we've tried it all and finally know when to go, what to take, and... here's the key... when to leave the beach so … [Read more...]

St Augustine Restaurants with Docks

This list is for boaters only! If you're looking for a list of restaurants with water views that you can drive to, check out my list of waterfront restaurants in St. Augustine. WE GOT OUR BOAT FIXED!!! Woot!!! This is a constant mantra for boat owners... it seems something on the boat is always needin' fixin'. Hubby is most relaxed when he's on the water so I'm happy for him to be back in the salt water. He wants us to have some dinner dates via boat this summer... thus this post. If you're in the same boat {har har har} here are some waterfront restaurants in St. … [Read more...]

Meet the Chef: Chason Spencer, Hoptinger Executive Chef

  I met Chef Chason while planning our Hoptinger St. Augustine Foodie Adventure. He's creative, ambitious and loves the industry he's becoming an influencer in. I'll let him speak for himself... me: So when did you know you wanted to be a chef? Chef Chason: I grew up cooking w/my dad in the kitchen- he literally built the house around the kitchen. I always knew that's what I wanted to do. The high school I chose to go to was starting an academy of hospitality... I went straight from there to culinary school & I have a bachelors in both culinary … [Read more...]

A New Look at Stand Up Paddleboarding with First Coast Outdoor Fit

I've said it before when sharing about the Schooner Freedom and waterfront restaurants in St. Augustine... you haven't experienced St. Augustine until you've seen it from the water. Well, water-lovers rejoice! First Coast Outdoor Fit combines fitness with sun-and-sand fun. Whether you're hoping for paddle board yoga, surfing, a group on-the-water tour, kids fitness or kids' summer camps, First Coast Outdoor Fit has it on their menu. More on those in a sec... first, I have to share some pictures. We joined Melissa and David on an introductory paddle experience out of … [Read more...]