Dolce Cafe for Sandwiches and Gluten Free Crepes

On busy St. Augustine days when crowds are thick and lines are long, we veer off the beaten path for meals. Dolce Cafe serves sandwiches, gluten free crepes, salads and coffee on the other end of St. George Street just steps from busy King Street. If you haven't been, follow me inside via photos from our last lunch there... Dolce Cafe Counter Service, Real Plates At Dolce Cafe, order & pay at the counter but receive food on real plates! I really hate {and I do mean hate} paper plates and plastic forks so this is a huge bonus in my book! The line moved slowly … [Read more...]

Summer Beauty Tip: Protect Hair from Sun

Angie has kept my hair looking good through the hormones of 2 pregnancies and nursing sweet little ones, tamed the tangles on humid days and generally kept me looking decent through a lot of hot Florida summers. She's guest posting today and will keep beauty tips for #FloridaGirls rolling in each month! This post contains affiliate links. Living in the sunshine state means the sun is a big part of our lives. While beach days in full sun are amazing, they're not great for our hair and skin. Most of us are aware of the damaging effects of the sun on our skin, but we … [Read more...]

Double Duty Recipes for Breakfast and Dinner

Today, all my #SimplyBloggers friends are sharing Back to School tips. We have a collective 4 bajillion kids & a lot of get-it-done gumption so if you're looking for fresh ideas, encouragement or click through the links at the end of this post!! I cannot believe I'm typing out a Back to School post. First of all, it's July. Second of all, I'M NOT READY!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! Wednesday, August 10 is the first day of class in St. Johns County and although our family has flexibility as homeschoolers, we're starting back in August as well... mostly because it's too hot to enjoy … [Read more...]

St Augustine Sailing Adventure

Full disclosure: This post, sponsored by Atlas Yacht Sales, makes me want to throw some sunscreen and a swimsuit in a bag and sail off into the sunset! You'll never think about a weekend slipaway the same way again after you read this post. You can experience something new, learn a skill and enjoy an adventure on your next vacation... yes, you can have it all! Not to be overly dramatic... ok, yes. I'm being overly dramatic... but seriously, I just found the coolest vacation-on- the-water escape right here in St. Augustine! Atlas Yacht Sales immerses you in sailing … [Read more...]