TitanUp Fitness: Before & After!!!

A couple of months ago, I told y'all about the gym hubby and I joined, TitanUp Fitness. I was drawn to their 13-week Transformation, because who doesn't love great TitanUp Fitness before & after photos? I'll admit that, going into it, I felt like I'd tried too many things over the years to expect stellar results that quickly for my body type... after all, I'm a short, fluffy foodie with 7 children! Is it even possible for a tummy to firm up after stretching to grow precious little ones seven times? When I started TitanUp, I may have said my body was in shape if you … [Read more...]

Where to Run in St. Augustine

Everyone knows St. Augustine is a walking town. Wide sidewalks, cool breezes off the water, and a picture-perfect bridge all make St. Augustine a great place to run, too! If you're curious where to run in St. Augustine, read on... I've mapped out 4 great runs with views you won't want to miss! I am a brand ambassador for Noble Juice. I love spreading the word about this 4th generation family-owned, fresh-from-Florida citrus company via sponsored posts like this one! Find out where to buy their all-natural energy drinks & organic 100 calorie hydrators on Noble's … [Read more...]