Local Teens Working to Stop Domestic Violence

Hey friends! When Harrison emailed me about his Ponte Vedra High School club that's all about local teens working to stop domestic violence, I instantly knew I needed to share this with you. There are many worthy community opportunities in St. Augustine but nothing so important as home being a safe place for all family members. Help raise awareness by sharing! Help provide safety by supporting and show you care by attending. More from Harrison below... ~Allie O. My name is Harrison Snowden, and I’m a junior at Ponte Vedra High School. I’m also the co-president of the … [Read more...]

She Said & He Said: Ice Plant

Paula Felici and Frank DiMasi are this post's fun contributors. I know you'll love reading a his & hers perspective as well as hearing from someone older and wiser than me. ;) Without further ado, I present She Said & He Said: Ice Plant Edition. What we love about living in the St. Augustine area is that on any given day, you can get up, head out and have yourself one wonderful day and feel as if you have been on vacation....no packing suitcases, no traveling to the airport, no canceling the mail.....easy breezy....get up, get dressed, get out and your on … [Read more...]

Punny Valentines About St. Augustine

Valentine's Day is polarizing... either you love it or you love to hate it. No matter which camp you're in, you'll love these punny Valentines wishes!! I was hoping to have printables ready for today so you could print them and brighten the day of everyone you see but real life intervened... maybe I'll have them ready by next year. For now, just laugh with me as you read these punny valentines about St. Augustine!! Punny Valentines About St. Augustine Aviles love you, Valentine. {read with a bad Spanish accent = I really love you. bwa ha ha ha} You make my … [Read more...]

Faver-Dykes State Park

Have you ever wondered what life was like here 30 years ago? Well it's #ThrowbackThursday and Minorcan Mama shares memories of her childhood at Faver-Dykes State Park south of St. Augustine!  ~Allie O. A typical Saturday in my childhood would have involved packing a picnic lunch and heading into the woods. I was fortunate to spend a lot of weekends piling into my Grammy and Grampy’s yellow Wagoneer and heading off on adventures of all kinds in the woods of North Florida! One of our favorite spots was just south on US1, where the road meets the Highway, Faver-Dykes State … [Read more...]