Florida Water Tours Dolphin Cruise

Howdy, Simply friends! You already know Stacey from facebook. She recently hopped aboard a Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise with Florida Water Tours in St. Augustine... without spoiling anything, I can tell you they had a blast. Here are her memories... ~Allie O. Living in St. Augustine, there are boundless amounts of things to do outside with the family and this past weekend I got to take my three girls on a Dolphin Cruise with Florida Water Tours. It was the perfect beautiful day to be out on the water and see if we could spot some dolphins out there. Our cruise boarded … [Read more...]

Taste Academy: Brag-Worthy Food Experiences for a Cause

While the Taste Academy is closed for 2017, you should still read this because I want you to know all about EPIC and how they help St. Augustine. You or someone you love may benefit from the following information!! EPIC Behavioral Healthcare specializes in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental health issues. To put it simply, their goal is to help people recover from the disease of addiction. Year round services include an inpatient detoxification and residential treatment center, outpatient substance abuse and mental health … [Read more...]