I’m moving! Want to buy our house? CR210 Home for Sale

Update: SOLD!!!! HUGE thanks to Michelle Santorelli, our realtor, for making this an easy process!!

Every good thing must come to an end… it’s time for us to sell our current St. Johns County home. If you’re looking for a CR210 Home for Sale or if you’ve been hoping for St. Johns County schools, easy access to the interstate and yet a short drive to St. Augustine and the Beach, our house may be the right one for you!

CR210 Home for Sale
MY HOUSE for Sale: 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2,195 square feet

We built this home 12 years ago and have enjoyed the amenities of Stonehurst over the years…

CR210 Home for Sale

Of all the amenities, the pool is def our fave. It’s followed closely by:

  • the neighborhood soccer fields & basketball court.
  • Oh, there’s a volleyball court too.
  • And a park 3 doors down from our house plus 3 additional playgrounds.
  • And a stocked pond for catch-and-release fishing.
  • And we’re 1.3 miles from Publix.
  • And there’s a red light when you exit the neighborhood so driving here is safe.

There is a lot to love here and best of all there is no CDD fee and low neighborhood dues! I know I’m biased, but I think it’s a great CR210 Home for Sale. It’s been more than a house… it’s truly felt like home.

As much as we love being able to walk to all our amenities, we like being home even more. Check out our view:

CR210 Home for Sale

We are fortunate to have a pond and preserve behind our home! I’ll admit- this is hard to leave. The kids kayak in the pond and our view is of the woods year-round… they’re thick and lush and it’s much more than just one house deep. We still see deer walk along the edge of the woods at dawn or dusk every now and again… we used to see foxes as well but they haven’t appeared for a few years. Hawks and Bald Eagles are regularly spotted as are several waterbirds and migrating ducks seasonally. No gators though, so you’re safe.

As for the actual house… I’ll put a few photos of our CR210 Home for Sale below:

CR210 Home for Sale

Our full Zillow listing will be up in a couple of days… I thought I’d give my Simply friends a head start in case anyone is looking for a new home in the area. 🙂

Share with friends who this would be a good fit for! Thanks a ton! ~Allie O.

Update: SOLD!!!! HUGE thanks to Michelle Santorelli, our realtor, for making this an easy process!!


  1. Loraine Folsom says

    What price range is this home being listed for?

  2. Teresa Poston says

    If I were able to leave TN and move to FL I’d sure be interested. Good luck with the sale.

    • says

      We should house swap since we’re headed to TN! LOL Seriously, though, thank you for the wishes! 🙂

  3. Trey says

    Nice house. Just bought one in Pelincia though. We just moved down from Nashville, TN for a wee bit of Salt Life. 🙂

    • says

      Funny! That’s where we’re moving! Send me some sunshine in a few months… I think I’ll be missing it! ~Allie O.

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