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I didn’t start Simply St. Augustine to make money. {Good thing, too… I would’ve quit long ago. LOL} Waaaay back in 2011, I wanted to build community, host a platform for my writing and photography about St. Augustine and blog sweet family memories here in St. Augustine so I started a blog.

I didn’t try to make a dime. That was dumb.

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Running a website takes time {writing, photography, editing… not to mention all the restaurants I have to try and experiences I’m forced to endure for the greater good!}, money {coffee money, gas money, web guy and hosting money} and equipment {camera, computer, phone with extra data plan so I can upload photos for Simply’s facebook fans}… anyways, it gets expensive. So no more Mrs. Nice Lady. No way. Now I’m in it for the cash.

Here’s how I make the big bucks:

  • Freebies – Y’all, I ain’t gonna lie. This is the best part of my job. I get to take my kids places without paying sometimes! We’ve been to Disney, Legoland, ok, ok… just putt putt. LOL Again, I always disclose in italics at the foot of the post if I was comp’d for a review.
  • Affiliate Links – You may find Amazon links to relevant products, Groupon deals to save you money and discounted attraction ticket links. I typically make between .02 cents & .0375 cents on these clicks. Every now & then I break into the big time and make .05 cents. High roller right here!!!
    • Amazon requires that I tell you that I, Allie Olsen aka Simply St. Augustine, am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
  • Sponsored Reviews – I always disclose if a review I write was hosted by a biz. Check the end of any post if you’re curious. If nothing’s there, I visited on my own dime. Want to see some disclosures? This post was about a pedi, this one about tickets and this one is about a St. Augustine sailboat!

Why disclose? It’s been the law since I’ve been blogging as Simply. I try to keep things honest here because honesty is good. God likes it. Mamma likes it. You probably like it.The IRS likes it. Aaaaand now that I published this page, the FTC likes me, too.

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  1. The Ortega's says

    Your honesty shines! We are one of the silent readers that love to see your posts, pictures and adventures! Keep keepin’ on! You should come out to one of the Wed. night concerts at the pier and write about it! It’s always so much fun!

    • says

      Aww, thank you for the encouragement!! I do hope to make it out this year. Our home group friends from church always come over on Wednesdays… maybe we’ll all come down for some beachside fun! ~Allie O

  2. says

    What a great and fun disclosure page! Feeling inspired to redo my own one of these days. Love your blog and all of your great shares. I’ve been to so many fun places because of you. Hope you make lots of $$$ this year .

    • says

      LOL! I hope so too… Although ANY money would be more than the big bucks I made last year. 😉 I truly do this to be a blessing to those who want to love St. Augustine like I do! But, hey, I’m ready to take this up to the next level if my readers are!! ~Allie O

  3. Donna Owens says

    I love to read your posts. I was born in St. Augustine but my family moved away to Georgia when I was about 6 years old. Being only a few hours away we still spent a month there each summer to visit my grandmother and other family still living there. I know the town like the back of my hand and have also heard many fascinating and many hillarious stories from my 82 year old dad who was also born there. I, and some of my cousins, are obsessed with it. Your blog informs me of the many places I don’t knownabout, mostly restaurants. Growing up we didn’t go to restaurants while there. If we did it was KFC or Dairy Queen as we didn’t have a lot of money. Since my husband and I are now retired we visit a couple of times a year and have oficially gotten his brother and wife obsessed as well. We try to visit different restaurants while there and your blog is a valuable asset. Thanks gor your knowledge and I hope you make tons of money!

    • says

      LOL! Thank you Donna! I always love seeing your comments. 🙂 If you ever want to share any of your Dad’s stories, I’ll be happy to publish them! That’d be fun!! ~Allie O

  4. K.King says

    My family has lived on South Whitney for forty years and recently saw your blog….what local school did you attend or any family members…my sister is about the same age….so definitely your paths would of crossed since there was only two schools then. We know all the fishermen from the fish camp… Butler bch…
    and relatives own South Beach grill…….where is the local street you grew up on…….looking for this info update!

    • says

      It’s great to “meet you”! I didn’t go to school in St. Augustine- we moved up here when hubby & I married at 18. 🙂 But we may have crossed paths in town at some point! ~Allie O

      • K.King says

        Nothing is really the same. Quite commercial and all money making today. Maybe ‘local’ means money southern style. God Bless..

        • says

          While the city is growing and much busier, local businesses owned by local families is always an asset to the community! I attended an event last week for a family who lost their mamma and the community came together to support them in a beautiful way. Another friend, Cristan, is organizing a race to raise money for a local woman who needs a heart transplant. All that to say, community is alive and well. It may be differently than a couple of decades ago, but love, compassion and respect are alive and well in the Oldest City!
          Respectfully- Allie O.

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