Beach Birthday Sunrise

My MacBook Air is full.  It’s less than a year old and it’s full.  Kind of ironic- it’s memory is full of memories.  See, I take a LOT of pictures.  Aaaand {until now} I haven’t utilized external storage for said pictures.  Now, since my hard drive is full, I’m sorting & organizing and {gasp} deleting.

But some memories I can’t delete.  And even if I deleted off my hard drive… their imprint in my mind is indelible.  I’ll share one I came across tonight with you:

Hubby swore we’d watched the sun rise before.  I wasn’t so sure about that.  So for my 33rd Birthday, we drove to Vilano Beach for a sunrise.  Although we arrived before the sun rose above the horizon, it was already light by the time we rolled up.  So guess what we’re doing again next birthday?!

Seagulls hung out dangerously close to me.  Obviously they didn’t know which Birthday Girl was watching the sun rise.  I’m the one who has taught all 6 of my children to chase birds.  By example.  It was a fun birthday morning. *grin*

Oh, look! A photo with no seagulls! Wonder how that happened...

The thing about going to see the sunrise on your Birthday is you don’t get to choose weather conditions.  It was cloudy and we only saw the sun peek through the clouds for seconds before it hid again- this time above the horizon.

It was a cool, breezy morning.  Hubby & I were grateful when the sun began to warm us from without while our Kookaburra lattes warmed from within.

God has been kind… if the clouds on the horizon obscuring the sun are the darkest in my life, I am very blessed.  But you know what? When life is messy and hubby and I disagree and daily challenges seem insurmountable, God is still present.  Yes, very blessed indeed.

We like Vilano Beach for sunrise because it’s the closest beach.  We almost made it to Washington Oaks State Park once but the coffee pot didn’t brew fast enough.  Honestly, any place where you can see the water meet the sky is an amazing place to watch the sun rise!  {Seagulls to chase is a bonus}

If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate a coming Birthday, head to the beach!  And if you’re not close enough to drive to one, send this for a oceanfront sunrise in the comfort of your home…

Happy Birthday from Simply St. Augustine!



  1. says

    When I got my new computer I did just this…I put all my photos on my external harddrive and didn’t put them on my new computer. My old computer was actually running slow and I think that is what was causing it. I love taking pictures but I like you feel like I have taken photos that I don’t even recognize!! It’s a flaw with the digital age 🙁 still haven’t figured out how to make better use of them.

  2. Teresa says

    Very beautiful. Another thing on my bucket list is to see the sun rise over the ocean on my birthday. One day, one day. Should be pretty in October. This year just hoping hubby and I can make it down for just a weekend in December/January to see the lights. Fly out, fly back. It’s fun trying to fulfill bucket list items.

    • says

      Isn’t it?! I have a pretty simple bucket list… I really want to parasail next. 🙂 What else is on yours?

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