Butler Beach

I love St. Augustine’s Butler Beach.  It’s technically in Crescent Beach- about a 12 – 15 minute drive from downtown St. Augustine.  It takes an extra couple of minutes to get there… but it’s worth the drive.  Don’t miss the turn- almost across from the fire station.  {Handy for accidents… we’ve had to drive there before!}  This small sign is all that marks the entrance.

You can drive on the beach, but we always park in the lot.  This is a  St Augustine Beach with clean bathrooms, a shower and two covered pavilions making it perfect for a St. Augustine Beach picnic.

The walk over the dunes is pretty and informative – signs about sea life and plants you’ll find at this beach are mounted at the entrance and along the boardwalk.

Another reason I love Butler Beach is its expansive feel.  There is plenty of packed sand for the kids to run & play without crushed shells to hurt tender feet and a long stretch to splash in without a sudden drop-off. This is not usually a good shelling beach, most we find are pretty worn.  To go shelling, head north of Vilano to Vilano, the Guana beaches or Mickler.

Andrew found a crab!

Before you leave, play “I Spy” with your little ones.  Can you find the St. Augustine Lighthouse?  How about 2 people?

Butler Beach
399 Riverside Blvd.
Park closes at 8:00 pm

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