Fiesta Falls Oceanfront Putt Putt

I’m covering 31 Days of Summer in St. Augustine… free & cheap ideas for local fun!  Click that link to look through the list!

There’s mini golf… then there’s St. Augustine Beach Putt Putt.  Views of the ocean, soft-serve ice cream and statues of local attractions nestled into the landscaping set Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf apart from standard putt putt courses.

I took three kiddos to play putt before a concert at the St. Augustine Amphitheater.  The girls beat me to the two pink golf balls, but there were so many golf ball colors to choose from I couldn’t complain.  I settled for lavendar and we started our game.

Fiesta Falls is on St. Augustine Beach 1.1 miles South of the pier.  It’s been around a while- the worn astroturf attests to that.  But most fixtures are freshly painted, mulch was recently laid & the overall feeling is cheery.

Par two!!  Most greens were pretty simple- I shot par and the kids were usually 1 or 2 over.  The greens had enough slope, obstacles and other fun tricky things to keep us engaged throughout our time there.

There is a special Hole in One every day.  When you turn your score card in at the end, they tell you which was the hole-in-one of that day.  If you scored a hole in one there, you win a free round next time!!

The giant boat is pretty cool as are the silly blow-up gators, sharks & whales swimming in the lagoon.  There was some algae growing in the lagoon… having managed a pond myself at our last house, I wasn’t surprised nor put off by it.  Hey, it’s Florida!  Everything grows here!  But it would be nice if they cleaned that up.

Fiesta Falls boasts several waterfalls.  This one in a grotto is a fun photo-op!

There’s nothing like a good game of putt-putt to bring grown-ups & kids to a level playing field!

We laughed together as we putted our way around lagoons, over cliffs and what not.  There’s nothing like a good game of putt-putt to bring grown-ups & kids to a level playing field!  When I stepped around the corner to this view, I decided the kids could play that hole a few times…

While it isn’t clear in this photo, the ocean is just behind that house… and what a view!  Oceanfront putt putt!

It’s fun playing I Spy with younger kids while the older folks perfect their game.  When you go, look for the St. Augustine Lighthouse:

Our visit to Fiesta Falls Mini Golf made it officially my favorite putt putt in town.  The course was challenging and fun, but really it was the ocean views that won my heart.  How can anything compete with the ocean?

Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf St Augustine Beach
818 A1A Beach Boulevard
(904) 461-5571 or toll free (800) 356-0335
Adult golf $8.49, Youth (3-12) & Seniors (61+) $7.49
Hours: 10am – 10 pm 


  1. Heather Smith says

    Hey,how did you all fare in hurricane Matthew? I pray all is well.

    • says

      Hi Heather!

      We’re all recovering! I haven’t been to the beaches yet so I’m not sure how Fiesta Falls held up. They haven’t posted anything online.

      Thanks for checking in. Prayers are appreciated! ~Allie O

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