Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra Comes to Nocatee

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I used to be fit. For that matter, I also used to be 21. LOL But as we’ve added kiddos to our family (seven sweet babies now!) and as blogging here on SimplyStAugustine.com has taken up my free time & given me the excuse to eat out more (because I’m a legit food blogger, ya know LOL), well, let’s just say my life has expanded in every way.

I tried running- but I got shin splints and generally hated it. I tried Beach Body at home but munchkins always came to join me and I couldn’t jump around & do the moves. Last week, I found my solution: Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra

Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra

Hubby & I were drawn to Titan Up Fitness for two reasons: His fraternity brother and the Before/After photos. Chris pledged EX at UNF 2 decades ago {*gasp* we’re getting old!} and if he learned anything, it was how to drink to support his fraternity brothers. So when my now older & wiser hubby reconnected with Mark around the same time we realized how fluffy we’d grown, we knew exactly where to go. Friends helping friends. Thank you Mark!

Photos like this helped, too:

Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra Nocatee
This isn’t me… I’m fluffier before and haven’t made it to “after” yet. But I think it’s inspiring that this lady can go from already looking good to being tone & fit!

So the short version is that TitanUp Fitness has a 13-week Transformation Challenge and I am all in. For me, it’s way more than my waistline- although I’m not gonna lie, that does need to change. I hope to:

  • build muscle – I have to carry kids from the car to bed way too often to let my arms turn to spaghetti!
  • firm up – Mostly because my son is graduating AND hubby & I are going to Hawaii in a year. Totally vain, but I wanna look good for these big moments!
  • increase endurance – My kids play soccer. I cannot currently play with them for more than a few minutes. That sucks.
Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra Before and after
BEFORE TitanUp Fitness’ 13 week Transformation… I can’t wait to share my gains!

How am I going to pull all that off in 13 weeks? I’m glad you asked! TitanUp Fitness Ponte Vedra is open 6 days a week and I am going every.single.day. I wasn’t joking when I said I’m all in! But it’s not as bad as you think- I’m actually enjoying working out!

I never know exactly what we’re going to do when I go in- and I love that. Our instructors mix it up so even though I’m going 6 days a week, we’re always working on different muscle groups. This is very important and, honestly, it would take entirely too much brain power for me to figure out how to do this on my own. More than anything, it’s providing community and accountability. I’m pushing myself to grow instead of excusing those last 2 (or 10) reps of each set.

TitanUp takes it to another level through their app- I can schedule there, record my workouts so I know my gains and it shows how I’m gaining in comparison to my class and to the other locations! I’m a bit competitive so I’m all, “GO Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra!!! Beat the Beaches!!!” It’s all in good fun.

There’s a shirt that reads, “My warmup is your workout.” Boy did I feel that the first week! Tricep Push Ups and Mountain Climbers were part of the warmup one day! But it’s working. I’m only on week 2 & I can already do more push-ups, pull-ups and more reps with heavier weights. BRING ON HAWAII!!! LOL!

Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra Gym

So here’s the scoop. I’m gonna share the nitty gritty with you over the next few months. I’m sharing on facebook and instagram so if you’d like more than once a month-ish, join me there. In the meanwhile, I would LOVE to see some of my Simply friends at the gym!!!

Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra offers something for everyone, from the 13-week Transformation to Kickboxing to Morgan’s Booty Camp, which I haven’t tried yet because it sounds like a pain in my butt! LOL! #punny

How do you fit in fitness? What tips and tricks work for you? I’d love some feedback since this is new for me in this season of life.
See Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra’s schedule and learn about this locally owned gym by clicking through their name below! See ya there!

Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra / Nocatee
3787 Palm Valley Road

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