Vilano Beach

One of the few beaches in St. John’s County that permits driving on the beach, Vilano is an easy-to-find beach destination.  It’s just 2 miles north of historic St. Augustine and an easy place to park & picnic or for those of you who bring your whole house to the beach!  Beach Driving access March 1 – the end of September.

The beach is also accessible by a boardwalk from the parking lot over the dunes. 

My favorite feature of this beach is found along the boardwalk- there are several signs picturing some animals you may see during your trip.  We prefer the extensive beaches of St. Augustine & Crescent Beach for family beach days but if you like driving out with all your gear, Vilano is the place for you.

Vilano Beach also offers a covered pavilion with picnic benches, restrooms & a shower.  Lifeguards staffed seasonally.

GPS address: 2725 Anahma Drive, St. Augustine




  1. Kevin says

    I like Vilano beach, it’s so close to us. The one thing I don’t like, though, is the sand there. It seems so “crunchy”. Lots of grinded up shells and really grainy sand. A few years ago, before we were residents of Saint Augustine, we vacationed here. We stayed at what is now the Holiday Isle on A1A Beach Blvd. It’s right on the beach and the first thing we noticed was that the sand was like powder! Seriously, the sand was white and like a fine powder or ash. We mistakenly thought that this type of sand was indicative of all the sand on the beaches here. Seven years later, we moved here (yay!). The first beach we hit was Vilano. You could imagine our confusion when we saw how vastly different the sand was from our prior experiences. My only conclusion was that the sand had been replaced by dredging to rebuild the beaches. Don’t know if that’s true, or not, but there it is. I keep hoping we’ll find a beach around here that has that same powdery white sand that we loved so much before.

  2. says

    Vilano Beach gets a lot of sand pumped in (dredging and dump trucks) to deal with periodic erosion. The currents are different north of the inlet and it requires more maintenance to pamper the beach. But the waves and surf are still a lot of fun. And one of our favorite places to eat is the Beaches at Vilano restaurant right on the intracoastal waterway. More to read about at StAugustineAdventure under Beaches – Vilano Beach.

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