Get Your Beach On: 2019 SJC Beach Driving Passes on Sale NOW

  The beaches of St. Augustine and St. Johns County offer a wide variety of options. Some allow motor vehicles requiring a toll or pass to enter while others are pedestrian only beaches. Whatever you are looking for, you can find a beach to meet your fancy at a SJC Beach. The beach driving passes are on sale now until March 1 for residents and non-residents alike! This weekend is a taste of what's to come with warmer temperatures rolling in seems like a perfect time to start planning for warmer beach friendly days ahead. 2019 SJC Beach Driving Passes St. … [Read more...]

Beaches You Can Drive On in St. Augustine, Florida

Beaches are best unspoiled. I love crossing the dunes to find pristine beaches where the only things littering the sand are shells. But sometimes you just need beaches you can drive on in St. Augustine, Florida. You may have a grandma that can't make the trek across the dunes, a trunk full of baby stuff or a new jeep that is desperate to get a little sand on the tires. We currently fall in the last category and have been searching out the best drivable beaches on the First Coast. Here is a list of beaches you can drive on in St. Augustine and within an hour's drive. Have … [Read more...]

Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra Comes to Nocatee

Hi friends! I'm joining my #SimplyBloggers friends in the #SimplyFitChallenge. After you read my story about Titan Up Fitness Ponte Vedra, check out the links at the end of the post to read some other perspectives! And don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. Do it in the sidebar -> I used to be fit. For that matter, I also used to be 21. LOL But as we've added kiddos to our family (seven sweet babies now!) and as blogging here on has taken up my free time & given me the excuse to eat out more (because I'm a legit food blogger, ya know LOL), … [Read more...]

MUST HAVES for St. Augustine Beach Days {or: How to enjoy the beach with kids}

This post contains affiliate links for my list of MUST HAVES for St. Augustine Beach Days. Click here to read my full disclosure. We weren't beach people before Wesley joined the family. Either the 7th kid finally made me crazy enough to love bringing home more sand than the average schoolyard sandbox or being a mamma for 17 years has allowed me to work out the kinks and become a "how to enjoy the beach with kids" expert. I prefer the latter. LOL Truth is, we've tried it all and finally know when to go, what to take, and... here's the key... when to leave the beach so … [Read more...]

Coquina Condos at Crescent Beach

crescent beach fl

Even though we live 20 minutes from the ocean, we are not beach regulars. Getting there is the first problem... try packing a picnic lunch, floaties, hats & towels then sunscreening up six excited kids. It's no small task, I assure you! That's only the beginning of the effort, though. Bringing six sandy kids home can cause heart failure for the inexperienced! (car, bathing suits, house... SO.MUCH.SAND!!) Add on top of that the fact that I have six of the whitest children on the First Coast- one who burns just walking to the car and we have reasons to limit our trips to … [Read more...]

Summer Staycation Idea: Find the BEST Beach in St Augustine!

31 Days Best Beach in St Augustine

Simply St. Augustine hosted a writing & photography contest as part of our 31 Days of Summer in St. Augustine series... it was so much fun seeing the work that local students sent in! All the photos in today's post were shot by student photographers- feel free to comment with your encouragement. I'm so proud of them! St. Johns County boasts over 40 miles of coastline and although they're all in one county, our beaches do have distinct personalities. So that begs the question... What is the best beach in St. Augustine? We have beaches so packed with shells you … [Read more...]

Beach Birthday Sunrise

Beach Birthday Wish

My MacBook Air is full.  It's less than a year old and it's full.  Kind of ironic- it's memory is full of memories.  See, I take a LOT of pictures.  Aaaand {until now} I haven't utilized external storage for said pictures.  Now, since my hard drive is full, I'm sorting & organizing and {gasp} deleting. But some memories I can't delete.  And even if I deleted off my hard drive... their imprint in my mind is indelible.  I'll share one I came across tonight with you: Hubby swore we'd watched the sun rise before.  I wasn't so sure about that.  So for my 33rd Birthday, … [Read more...]

Fiesta Falls Oceanfront Putt Putt

Fiesta Falls Putt Putt St Augustine

I'm covering 31 Days of Summer in St. Augustine... free & cheap ideas for local fun!  Click that link to look through the list! There's mini golf... then there's St. Augustine Beach Putt Putt.  Views of the ocean, soft-serve ice cream and statues of local attractions nestled into the landscaping set Fiesta Falls Miniature Golf apart from standard putt putt courses. I took three kiddos to play putt before a concert at the St. Augustine Amphitheater.  The girls beat me to the two pink golf balls, but there were so many golf ball colors to choose from I couldn't … [Read more...]