Minorcan Mama Remembers Ravine Gardens in Palatka

Minorcan Mama has a Springtime Throwback Thursday for us today! Jennifer is a life-long local a blogger friend... I always love reading her memories like this one about healing waters in St. Augustine and this one on Christmases past in St Augustine. Today, travel with her via this story as Minorcan Mama Remembers Ravine Gardens in Palatka... and if you've been there, share your favorite memory in the comments! It’s Thursday!  Time for a Throwback, y’all!  This month I am celebrating one of the first signs of Spring here in North Florida.  Even in warm winter years like … [Read more...]

Where to Run in St. Augustine

Everyone knows St. Augustine is a walking town. Wide sidewalks, cool breezes off the water, and a picture-perfect bridge all make St. Augustine a great place to run, too! If you're curious where to run in St. Augustine, read on... I've mapped out 4 great runs with views you won't want to miss! I am a brand ambassador for Noble Juice. I love spreading the word about this 4th generation family-owned, fresh-from-Florida citrus company via sponsored posts like this one! Find out where to buy their all-natural energy drinks & organic 100 calorie hydrators on Noble's … [Read more...]

Pomar Park

Once a week, my big kids have a 2 hour class in the afternoon. The littles and I have just enough time to hit a park, check out some books from the library or grab cupcakes. Last week we stumbled upon Pomar Park. Tucked between Masters Drive and the San Sebastian River, it's a quiet place to get away from the city's bustle during the day... until the ball fields fill with football, baseball and soccer kids with dreams of pro sports. Oh, and there's a dog park, too... the only one in St. Augustine's city limits! During hot summer days, the covered picnic area is a huge … [Read more...]

Moses Creek Conservation Area

St Augustine Nature Preserve

St. Augustine boasts well over 25,000 acres of public lands- it's an incredible place to enjoy nature and take in The Real Florida.  While playgrounds like the Carousel Park and downtown's SWING park are easy to spot, the nature preserves are often harder to find.  When you do see them, it's hard to tell if they're worth visiting.  We'd driven past Moses Creek Conservation Area dozens of times before we stopped for a hike. The small parking lot off SR 206 is unassuming but the 2,173 acres tucked away there give you the opportunity to explore seven distinct habitats and … [Read more...]

Canopy Shores Park

Canopy Shores Park

Not all parks are created equally.  That's one of the reasons I'm sharing our family's visits to various St. Johns County Parks and nature trails... so you can really enjoy your time outside.  Canopy Shores wasn't my favorite- but it has some perks.  Here's the scoop: Canopy Shores Park is nestled in The Shores neighborhood.  We could see some water when we parked and I was really excited to watch the sun set while walking along the trail or on a pier... we weren't sure what lay ahead. The trail through Canopy Shores Park is paved, making this an easy walk for anyone. … [Read more...]


SWING park downtown st augustine

Kids love St. Augustine and St. Augustine loves kids.  Here's proof- a massive, wooden playground downtown. It's referred to as that playground downtown and the playground by the parking garage and the music playground in downtown St. Augustine.  It's actually the S.W.I.N.G. Project.  St. Augustine's Wish {for its} Next Generation.  And it's a whole lotta fun. This playground has one way in and one way out- and it's a good thing because you will loose your kids in the tangle of fun. There are swings at S.W.I.N.G. park... ... and musical instruments.  Timothy … [Read more...]

Stokes Landing Conservation Area

Stokes Landing Observation Tower

You would never stumble on this conservation area.  The only people hiking Stokes Landing are locals or those who tracked down a hike with a view of the marsh.  It's a St. Augustine nature walk with a surprise at the end of the hike. Located near the St. Augustine Regional Airport, Stokes Landing Conservation Area is 277 acres - largely scrubby wetlands- managed by the St. Johns River Water Management District.  The trail is wide but not always smooth.  Roots to trip over, fallen branches and wet, muddy ground made this a messy hike for our littles. Still, there were … [Read more...]

Palencia Pirate Ship Park

Palencia Pirate Ship Park

** UPDATE: Palencia's Pirate Ship Park is no longer home to this big, wooden ship. They've gone to a newer style play space ideal for younger children. ** Next time your kiddos are being crazy and you're tempted to tie 'em up & tell 'em to walk the plank, load them up instead and head to the Pirate Ship Playground at Palencia. This mixed use park offers something for everyone- from baby swings to ball fields.  It's about a mile into the Palencia development off US1 (before the gate) and there is a Starbucks on the corner of US1 & Palencia Village Drive! … [Read more...]