St Augustine Trails: Moses Creek Conservation Area

Moses Creek Tidal Marsh

After a couple of please be still! and use your inside voice! days, we needed wide open space. We needed somewhere the kids could run, explore and, well, be kids!  After asking my local friends on Simply's facebook page, we found a new park: Moses Creek Conservation Area. Covering 2,173 acres, Moses Creek protects one of the few remaining undeveloped tidal regions in the area.  Locals go there to kayak, hike, bike, camp in St. Augustine, horseback ride and bird… we were just there to run!!  Unlike Guana, the first half of Moses Creek's trail is very … [Read more...]

St. Augustine Carousel at Davenport Park

Carousel St Augustine

Every local knows about St. Augustine's Carousel (my kids prefer to call it a Merry Go Round).  But did you know it's a completely handicap-accessible park?  And did you know it's only $1 to ride the carousel (free for kids with disabilities!)?  No more speeding by this St. Augustine playground- it's time you got to know Davenport Park. Seth & Sarah introduced us to this park before they moved to Tennessee {sniff sniff}.  They'd grab take-out pizza {Pizzalleys, Pizza Time & Pizza Hut are all nearby} and claim a picnic table with their girls for an inexpensive … [Read more...]

Treaty Park

We were looking for a playground.  I wanted to avoid the crowds at the downtown parks, so we turned left out of the Old City Farmer's Market and headed for Treaty Park. Once you make it to CR 207, you turn onto Wildwood (don't worry about getting turned around- you can only turn one direction) and you'll find the entrance down on the right. Treaty Park covers 47 acres, so even on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, I knew there would be plenty of room to picnic and play.  This county park has every possible playspace a park could offer.  What?  You want the … [Read more...]