Picasso Comes to St. Augustine


You know Pablo Picasso as an artist.  After my time with him at the St. Augustine Visitor's Center, I know him as a painter, sculptor, revolutionary, father, author and a ladies' man! Make time for Picasso: Art & Arena while the exhibit is here in St. Augustine, Florida and become acquainted with Picasso in this historic, intimate setting. Of course I didn't actually meet Pablo Picasso.  Born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain, Picasso painted through the turbulent 1900s until his death in France in 1973.  Through my time in the St. Augustine exhibit, however, I watched … [Read more...]

Half Price Admission to Lightner Museum

Who doesn't like to get discounts on vacation?!  While you're looking for affordable summer fun, check Groupon for St. Augustine Discounts <- {click there} Lightner Museum is my favorite place to get out of the rain, heat or cold.  It's the best museum in St. Augustine when it comes to antiques and Americana.  It is also the best place to go for lunch- Cafe Alcazar is nestled in the "deep end of the pool." Locals get in free, admission for everyone outside St. Johns County is usually $10 a piece. If you'll be vacationing here for any length of time, you'll need a … [Read more...]

Crocodile Crossing Zipline in St. Augustine

Obstacle Course at St. Augustine Alligator Farm

I've wanted to zipline since my buddy Emmy went in Costa Rica right after high school.  It sounded sooo cool, but Costa Rica was too far away for this Mamma!!  Fast forward a decade... when Crocodile Crossing opened at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, I couldn't wait to zip over {pun totally intended} to try this attraction!  ;) Last Saturday, I finally had a chance to zip the zoo with Ben (13) and my hubby- who is... err... uncomfortable at high altitudes.  Here's a glimpse into our morning and protips for your St. Augustine Alligator Farm zip line experience: We were … [Read more...]

Lightner Museum

Tiffany Glass St. Augustine

We were tourists for the weekend and it was July {read: HOT}.  We checked out of The Casa Monica at 11:00 and had dinner reservations at 5:00... what to do?  What to do? The answer was right in front of us... literally!  We headed in to the Lightner Museum- next door to The Casa Monica- for an afternoon of priceless antiques, quirky memorabilia and air conditioning. {I'm not gonna lie, that was our #1 reason.} The Lightner Museum is a collection of Otto Lightner's collections- from grand (Tiffany glass) to silly (walking sticks)!  Housed in the opulent building … [Read more...]

The Alligator Farm

St. Augustine Alligator Farm

A muscled trainer vaulted over the viewing wall and landed cat-like in the midst of the gator pool.  Hungry alligators caught the scent of rats and pellets- alligator food- and rushed forward in a frenzy, barely able to distinguish between man and food.  The St. Augustine Alligator Farm trainer leaped to safety in a small wooden boat- just in time as a massive male loudly snapped his powerful jaws and regretfully turned away to bide his time... Ok, ok... The St. Augustine Alligator Farm is more about education than theatrics but we had an exciting visit yesterday and … [Read more...]

St. Augustine Food Tour

Athena Restaurant St Augustine

Opa!!  Everyone on the St. Augustine food tour joined our server in calling out the traditional Greek cheer as a flaming Saganaki appetizer arrived.  What a beginning to my tour of St. Augustine's restaurants!  That afternoon, I tasted the cultural flavor of St. Augustine. I met Mia on a humid summer afternoon.  We'd emailed back and forth so I felt like I was greeting an old friend instead of meeting my tour guide.  She easily introduced me to the other guests and offered cold water as we waited for everyone to arrive.  She hinted that we'd be dining in 4 … [Read more...]

St Augustine Pirate Pub Crawl

Pirate Pub Tour St. Augustine

St. Augustine Walking Tours has done the impossible!  They've made this lover of history and hater of beer enjoy two things I never thought I'd like.  Pirates and Beer. When you sign up for your tour, you'll receive a welcome email that shares when & where to meet... the pirate changes up the tour so look alive, matey!  Pirate Anne Bonny took us to some new-to-me, local pubs and I learned to understand {if not like...} Pirates and Privateers. I love that our tour was more than a dressed-up-guide walking us from bar to bar.  No, Anne Bonny is serious about her … [Read more...]

Ripleys! Believe it… or not!

Did you know the World's tallest man was 8' 11"?! Or that there was a two-faced kitten born in Florida last month? St. Augustine Ripley's is home to a house hollowed out of ONE Redwood Tree, a Tim Tebow masterpiece out of airsoft bullets and the million dollar man (not Tim Tebow!).  The original Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum in St. Augustine is a museum you'll never forget! Ripley's was part of my childhood.  We frequented the St. Augustine Ripleys in 8th grade, Orlando Ripleys on I Drive, and Key West Ripleys on Duval Street in High School.  {One could plan a … [Read more...]