How To Make an I Spy Game for Road Trips!

I love road trips. I guess that's obvious, seeing as how I have a whole website dedicated to traveling to St. Augustine and enjoying simple road trips with kids. I love adventuring in new spaces, creating memories as a family and the challenge of making the road trip as much fun as the destination. Which leads me to today's blog: an easy step-by-step tutorial showing how to make an I Spy Game for Road Trips!! The Simply St. Augustine blog contains affiliate links and sponsored posts like this one. I made my I-Spy bottle in a Noble juice bottle on purpose! When I … [Read more...]

Hydrobike on the St. Johns River

Just when I thought we had done everything in St. Augustine, I stumble across a brand new way to explore my favorite place in the world. You may have sailed, kayaked, jet skied, SUP toured and taken airboat tours but I bet you have never ridden a bike on the water. Now you can when you Hydrobike on the St. Johns River. This is way easier than it looks and simultaneously harder than it looks. It's a very simple design- a bike frame sits on 2 wide-set pontoons for a very sturdy platform. No matter how light or heavy you are, this thing will not tip. And a little bit of … [Read more...]

58 Things to do when the Bridge is Up

Do you find yourself stuck in traffic regularly? Are you preparing for a road trip with kids? Whether you're a St. Augustine local stuck on the bridge or not, this list will help you keep a good attitude, save some time or make a new memory when the car is crawling! This post contains affiliate links. I don't know how many times a day the Bridge of Lions goes up but it seems to always be when I'm running late! Instead of huffing and puffing, make the most of your new-found extra time! Put the car in park and choose one (or two or ten, depending on how many boats are going … [Read more...]

Explore St. Augustine by Color: Gray Day

Like a formal wedding with a 1.5 year old, touring St. Augustine with little ones can feel more like work than vacation. New places, tours where they’re supposed to be still and quiet and long days exploring from “son up to son down” leave cute kiddos cross. How can preschoolers vacation in St. Augustine? Don’t waste your trip! Instead of dragging preschoolers through grown-up experiences, tailor your trip to the little ones you love with this St. Augustine vacation guide. Start with something they know… colors… then pick through the suggestions below to create a perfect … [Read more...]

Florida Girl Beauty Tips: Summer Sun Skincare

School may be back in, but the sun is at summer strength for another couple of months here in St. Augustine... and most Floridians' lifestyles keep us outdoors 365 days a year. Unlike friends up North, we need to follow summer sun skincare tips year round! Summer Sun Skincare After finding a spot on my temple several months ago, I finally worked up the courage to ask a dermatologist about it. Lots of my fair skinned, red-headed family members have had skin cancer removed; with the appearance of this spot, I was no longer able to cling to youthful ignorance. Thank God I'm … [Read more...]

Summer Beauty Tip: Protect Hair from Sun

Angie has kept my hair looking good through the hormones of 2 pregnancies and nursing sweet little ones, tamed the tangles on humid days and generally kept me looking decent through a lot of hot Florida summers. She's guest posting today and will keep beauty tips for #FloridaGirls rolling in each month! This post contains affiliate links. Living in the sunshine state means the sun is a big part of our lives. While beach days in full sun are amazing, they're not great for our hair and skin. Most of us are aware of the damaging effects of the sun on our skin, but we … [Read more...]

St Augustine Sailing Adventure

Full disclosure: This post, sponsored by Atlas Yacht Sales, makes me want to throw some sunscreen and a swimsuit in a bag and sail off into the sunset! You'll never think about a weekend slipaway the same way again after you read this post. You can experience something new, learn a skill and enjoy an adventure on your next vacation... yes, you can have it all! Not to be overly dramatic... ok, yes. I'm being overly dramatic... but seriously, I just found the coolest vacation-on- the-water escape right here in St. Augustine! Atlas Yacht Sales immerses you in sailing … [Read more...]

St Augustine Restaurants with Docks

This list is for boaters only! If you're looking for a list of restaurants with water views that you can drive to, check out my list of waterfront restaurants in St. Augustine. WE GOT OUR BOAT FIXED!!! Woot!!! This is a constant mantra for boat owners... it seems something on the boat is always needin' fixin'. Hubby is most relaxed when he's on the water so I'm happy for him to be back in the salt water. He wants us to have some dinner dates via boat this summer... thus this post. If you're in the same boat {har har har} here are some waterfront restaurants in St. … [Read more...]