Yofrodipity Frozen Yogurt

Let’s begin at the end: And the children thanked me for their yummy ice cream treat and happily walked to the van looking forward to our next visit to Yofrodipity Frozen Yogurt Shop.  The End

Our story should begin about 2 weeks earlier when my Mom discovered Yofrodipity top-your-own-yogurt shop.  She purchased our family a gift certificate to enjoy an ice cream treat one night before dinner.  Last week I decided it was time!

The friendly owners greeted us when we arrived Monday night.  I love meeting owners of local spots- they always have the best tips!  One thing I learned is their yogurt contains active cultures… meaning you actually get some health benefits when you splurge on this sweet treat.

We chose from 8 flavors- including gluten free options- and headed to the topping bar!

M&Ms, nerds, sprinkles, nuts, gummy bears, chocolate chips… any topping my kids could have desired was there for the taking!  You pay for your yogurt creation by the ounce, so you can top as generously or as scantily as your wallet allows.

My favorite toppings reside in the refrigerated display of delicious fruit.  Ripe mangoes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries… the fresh fruit was beautiful!  Arranged next to each was a corresponding “bursting boba” – a juice filled ball of fruity flavor.  These are so much fun to eat!

Lauren tried vanilla, green apple and salted caramel yogurt and topped that with cherry & blueberry bursting bobas, nerds & chocolate chips.  She loved every crazy-mixed-up-flavors bite as only a kid can.  I took a more reserved approach and paired chocolate frozen yogurt with fresh fruits & bobas.  I also tried a spot of the salted caramel flavor- didn’t like it.

protip: Stick with chocolate or one of the fruit flavors (green apple is tasty & taro is surprisingly good!).  Feel free to ask for samples before filling your cup if you’re new to frozen yogurt!

I love supporting family owned & operated restaurants – Yofrodipity Frozen Yogurt on CR210 is one.  When we need a quick sweet treat, you’ll find us there.  I’m the one with a cup full of fresh fruit & bursting bobas!

 105 Nature Walk Parkway
(904) 230-2808

Yofrodipity offers the Spot reward program- for every 10 visits, you enjoy 1 yogurt free! 


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