95 Cordova

**Update: 95 Cordova has been rebranded Costa Brava. The ambiance is clean and coastal and the menu is regional and delish! It won’t disappoint!**

Nestled in historic Casa Monica Hotel, 95 Cordova offers a memorable experience breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night.

Our room package included breakfast, otherwise we probably would have popped into The Bunnery or Bistro de Leon for a freshly baked treat.  Clara joined us and we were all wowed by our delish breakfast.  (She liked the teeny condiment bottles and freshly squeezed orange juice almost as much as the undivided attention she received from the waitresses!)

Breakfast at 95 Cordova in Casa Monica Hotel
I ordered Henry Flagler’s Favorite Omelet ($15, includes coffee & oj) and had plenty to share with little Clara.
Breakfast at 95 Cordova in Casa Monica Hotel

Chris’ Steak & Eggs (Top Sirloin, Two Eggs Any Style, Red Bliss Skillet Potatoes or Grits – $16) was exactly what he was hoping for.  He didn’t hesitate to choose the potatoes (my Yankee hubby doesn’t ever eat grits… unless it’s an Italian dinner and they call it polenta, but that’s another post!)95 Cordova Breakfast Casa Monica Hotel

We weren’t really planning on eating dinner in the hotel.  I mean, hotel dining isn’t usually the most memorable experience.  We had an early, light dinner at Collage, strolled through several St. Augustine shops and cooled off in Casa Monica’s pool.  It had been a perfectly relaxing day!

Walking through the lobby at the end of the day, we were drawn in by the smooth sounds of the baby grand, bass, drums and trumpet.  I recognized the songs my grandfather loved so much- music for my soul.

We sat in the Cobalt Lounge, next to the band, and shared a sampler paired with wine (from 95 Cordova’s Menu, $59).  Bruschetta, soup, salad, filet and delicious dessert were a great introduction to 95 Cordova’s Menu- definitely an upgrade from what other hotels in St. Augustine may offer in their restaurants!!!  But, of course, we expected nothing less- Casa Monica is known for it’s luxury.  Anyways, we were having too much fun to take pictures.  🙂

Look at the breakfast photos & imagine an even better dinner.  There you have it.  But don’t take my word for it… try it out and let me know what you think!


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